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5 Songs You NEED In September

Ah, we're here. September is one of the most important months of the year. Summer is officially over and the beginning of Fall is here. Sights of flannels, bonfires, leaves and cooler weather is among us. Scents of pumpkin, burning wood and chamomile will engage our smells. Flavors of apple, cider, warm soup, pies and tea will satisfy our needs. What else would be required for Fall?

Music is obviously essential for every season but something about certain songs in the Fall just hit different. Especially in September. Breaking down five tracks you NEED to hear about September, there's something for everyone in this list. From James Taylor to Green Day, the coverage is inseparable.

#1 September - Earth, Wind & Fire: Obviously we had to kick it off with everyone's favorite September jam to dance the night away. "September" is six times platinum as of 2020 and original member Philip Bailey stated on the song, "I would never have guessed that such a simple catchy song would become an all-time global favorite for generations." Releasing in November 1978, the track shot straight to number one on Billboard's Hot 100 R&B and claimed number three on the UK Singles Chart. This track is forty-four years young in 2022 and remains timeless as it's passed down through endless generations.

#2 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day: What became a phenomenal meme on the internet a few years after this song released on Green Day's #1 2004 album American Idiot, the song holds a much deeper meaning that thousands of listeners aren't aware of. When frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was just ten years old, he lost his father to esophageal cancer. While the singer admits it was therapeutic to write, it's also extremely difficult to perform. As American Idiot is a concept album and tells a story of someone from a broken home striving to find his way, "Wake Me Up When September Ends" aligns perfectly with the storyline. Turning eighteen years old this year, the song remains timeless and is easily relatable for anyone who's willing to embrace it.

#3 September - Daughtry: Debuting in 2010 from who is still undeniably the biggest shock eviction from American Idol, Chris Daughtry graced us with a nostalgic emotional track, "September." Coming up with the riff while on tour with Bon Jovi, Chris explains that his bandmate Josh Steely became involved with some lyrical ideas for the song and strived to capture memories from the past. Chris also explained the band aimed to release it at a time when it made sense, during summer when you're overjoyed with memories of past summers.

#4 September Grass - James Taylor: I never doubt a song won't be amazing if it's James Taylor. Finding yet another masterpiece of a track from King James is rejuvenating as we're falling into the next season. Released in 2002 from Taylor's fifteenth studio album October Road, those familiar soft acoustics ease you into the track as Taylor reconciles we're moving on. As the vocals embrace you as well as remove you from the world, you're taken on a different type of soft journey throughout the track.

#5 September Gurls - Big Star: Closing things out is a rewind to 1974 with a song Rolling Stone called "a classic track." Titled by a tribute to "California Girls" by The Beach Boys, "September Gurls" is a power-pop track written by Alex Chilton and screams summer nostalgia. With sounds of elating guitar riffs and captivating vocals, this song's perfect for September.

We hope you enjoyed our list and we even made you a playlist to listen to these songs + more below! What songs are your favorite for September or Fall in general? Let us know!

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