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Album Review - jxdn's Debut - "Tell Me About Tomorrow"

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

jxdn (aka Jaden Hossler) is currently soaring to the top with his debut album - Tell Me About Tomorrow - that dropped on July 2 via Travis Barker's DTA Records. In Fall he will be opening for MGK's "Tickets To My Downfall Tour" and kicking off in September 2021, jxdn will be starting his first-ever headlining world tour.

jxdn, Courtesy of Cynthia Parkhurst

jxdn is from Dallas, Texas and in 2020, he independently released his first-ever single, Comatose - which gained him exposure on Tik Tok, props from MGK, a spot on more than 40 global charts and a record deal with Travis Barker. Later in the year, jxdn released "Angels and Demons" - which is certified gold and "So What!", both landed spots in the top 10 of Billboard's Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. In October 2020, jxdn teamed up with fellow breakout artist iann dior for a power-hit, "Tonight".

jxdn, Courtesy of Cynthia Parkhurst

Tell Me About Tomorrow begins with "Pills", which is very upbeat and about doing things you don't necessarily like doing, but you still do them anyway. This song reminds me of how we, as young people, are so worried about trying to fit in, trying to serve society, or the world, as if we owe anyone anything. But we don't. Straight into "Think About Me", this is one I hear in my boyfriend's car a lot, I can feel that this album is a true pop-punk album, no doubt about it. I can see why people who are younger than me can relate to all of these songs, as well as myself. There's just something about pop-punk that tons of people love. It's catchy. It's youthful. It's fun.

jxdn & MGK, Courtesy of Cynthia Parkhurst

jxdn and MGK, Courtesy of Cynthia Parkhurst

"Wanna Be" is a fan-favorite because well, it's jxdn featuring MGK and since MGK is one of jxdn's mentors, it makes sense that this song is so great. "A Wasted Year" is one of my personal favorites on this album, possibly because it has non-accidental Blink-182 references and vibes. The chorus is so catchy and familiar, in the best way possible. My favorite lyric of the chorus is of course - "I said leave if you wanna". The reference to Feeling This by Blink-182 is just so perfect and jxdn's of course heavily influenced by the band.

jxdn and Travis Barker

"Angels and Demons" was the first song I heard by jxdn and every time I hear it, I'm brought back to when I first heard it. It's just insane to me that this was the first song I heard by him and now he has this entire album of music to share with the world and how far he's come this early in his career. It truly amazes me. "One Minute" is a song I could totally see people jumping around to and speeding down the road blasting it with the windows rolled down. It's just that type of song. "Braindead" is smack-dab in the middle of the album and it's somewhat more of a serious song, but it's still upbeat. I feel myself swaying back and forth to it, but also still jammin' out to it.

"Tonight" which features iann dior is the perfect combination of Rock, Pop, and Rap. "Fucked Up" has the perfect back-tracking beat and is filled with lyrics that almost every young person can relate to. "So What!" is my favorite on this album, the lyrics are so relatable for me and every time I hear it, I'm put into a positive mood. I remember when the song first dropped and I was immediately hung up on it. And the music video is one of my favorites as well, and it even features Travis on drums and MGK makes an appearance.

"Angels & Demons Pt. 2" feels like a more stripped-down version of part one, yet it's different and the most unique song on the album. It starts off acoustic and slow, and of course, then picks up with the pop-punk beats we all know and love so well. "Better Off Dead" is another unique track and the lyrics really take over the song. The beat is so catchy as well as the lyrics. Throwing in rap during the verses is also perfect and is part of what makes it different from the other songs. "DTA" still has that same sound, but the lyrics are captivating and another Blink-182 sound is referenced again. "Last Time" is where the album starts to end a little bit and although it's still upbeat, it's got the melody that lets you know you're heading towards the end.

jxdn, Courtesy of Cynthia Parkhurst

"No Vanity" definitely claims the second-to-last song and it even sounds like it in a way. "Tell Me About Tomorrow" which is the title track, is the perfect end to this album. It's acoustic and slow, the lyrics are so meaningful and have left me feeling like I took a journey exploring this album. When jxdn starts repeating the lyrics - "Tell me about tomorrow, tell me about tomorrow, tell me about tomorrow", it's as if it's a moment frozen in time. Overall, this has been one of my favorite albums to review and is somewhat a genre that I've never really written about or reviewed before. Reviewing this album, especially since jxdn has become one of my favorite artists of today was very rejuvenating for me and I am looking forward to writing about his music in the future.

You can keep up with jxdn on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And you can check out tour dates, merch and more on

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