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Consisting of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, The Driver Era aren’t new to the music industry by any means. Since their debut single "Preacher Man" in 2018, they have amassed over 300M streams and garnered over 30M combined followers across social media. With their signature sound and larger-than-life live show, The Driver Era has been praised by the likes of Rolling Stone, Paper, MTV, Consequence of Sound, and many others.

Their studio albums are only one half of what makes The Driver Era special. From their beginnings as members of the band R5, the duo are veterans when it comes to touring. Known for creating a live show that doubles as a party, the band has sold out shows across the globe — reaching everywhere from Asia to the U.S. to Europe and South America (and everywhere else in between). In addition to being a dynamic and talented musician, Ross is also an acclaimed actor, starring in Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ in addition to the biopic ‘My Friend Dahmer’ after spending half a decade portraying the fan-favorite Austin Moon in the popular Disney Channel Original Series, ‘Austin & Ally.’

In June 2023, The Driver Era performed at The Greek theatre in Los Angeles and recorded their first ever album, Live At The Greek. The album features Ross and Rocky's other siblings and former bandmates - Riker and Rydel Lynch, along with their thunder-blasting best friend forever Ellington Ratliff.

The Driver Era posing for artwork
Photo by Brayten Bowers

“Around eight years ago, we played The Greek with our former band R5 and we made a whole movie out of it. We got to a point with R5 where people wanted different things, like our sister who has a beautiful family now. So Rocky and I decided we wanted to start a new project and came up with The Driver Era in 2018.” - Ross Lynch

The album kicks off with fan-favorite opener "Feel You Now" from the band's 2019 debut album X, and was followed by other tracks "Natural", "Summertime Baby", "Afterglow" and more. During "OMG Plz Don't Come Around", the crowd soared and swayed throughout its short-lived entirety.

As soon as the tracklist hit "Nobody Knows", the party officially began and the duo were not slowing down anytime soon. The motivating lyrics and upbeat melodies envisioned fans to get on their feet and jump and dance as if the night was so young. Leading into "Keep Moving Forward", the disco-esque vibe with sparkling keyboard vibes and funky guitar riffs sound like they embraced the crowd to party harder.

As we move deeper into the setlist, we're met with insanely romantic track "San Francisco" - which remains a soul-crushing serenade for everyone who is in love with Ross Lynch. As the brothers sing in perfect harmonies, the crowd swoons and roars in complete satisfaction. The summer-loving track "Malibu" grasps the crowd with soft yet illuminating acoustics and alluring vocals to capture the summertime vibe. As the duo "ends" their set with "Preacher Man", the crowd responds with powerhouse vocals as the fan-favorite is always a crowd-pleaser.

The encore begins with "Heart Of Mine" and graciously fades into another fan-favorite "Low" guaranteed to make Rocky lovers fall to their knees. The track's upbeat melodies and energetic beats were sure to encourage fans to dance and free themselves from the world. Show closer "A Kiss" has been the last song for The Driver Era for a few years now and tends to never disappoint with its romantic vibes, upbeat melodies and infectious chorus.


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