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ALBUM REVIEW: The Nude Party Captures Hearts With 'RIDES ON'

Photo by Clark Hodgin

For North Carolina-grown rock band The Nude Party, nearly a decade has flown by as they welcome in with open arms their latest project - Rides On available now via New West Records. The new album presents itself as the band's third full-length LP preceded by The Nude Party and Midnight Manor.

Prior to the pandemic, the band was really starting to hit its stride. They had a system in place and were spreading their brand of melodic rock to the masses. As Jack White, Orville Peck and Arctic Monkeys became vocal supporters of The Nude Party, festivals such as Shaky Knees, Lollapalooza, Bonaroo and tons more, became their new normal. In late 2020, the band released their sophomore album Midnight Manor which debuted at #1 on the Alternative New Artists Album Charts.

Unlike the band's first two albums, The Nude Party decided to produce the new album themselves. With the lack of pressure, the band was able to explore their creative influences and directions, and also recorded over twenty songs - some dabbled in electro-pop and stripped-down country - before settling on the final fourteen songs. Rides On - as stated by the band - is their best record. It's also the most organic and homegrown record by the group thus far. The relaxed atmosphere of the sessions mixed with loosely structured material allowed them to thrive in the studio.

Rides On kicks off with "Word Gets Around" - which welcomes you into the new era of The Nude Party with fuzzy guitars and perfect harmonies. "Hard Times (All Around)" provides a 70s-infused breezy desert feel with swaying melodies, calming guitar riffs and ethereal keyboard tones. "Midnight On Lafayette Park" is somber but sweet and expresses 60s garage-like sounds with echoing vocals and soft guitar strums.

Photo by Clark Hodgin

Traveling further into the album, "Cherry Red Boots" romanticizes the idea of chiming guitars, street corner vocals and amorous lyrics. The title track is sonically reminiscent of Sticky Fingers -era Stones, but its lyrics are mini-vignettes when lead vocalist Magee sings of preserving through adversity. Nearing the end of Rides On is a track that sends you into ballad mode as it's a lullaby with soothing vocals, dreamy keyboard sounds and calming acoustics.

The Nude Party closes out Rides On with "Red Rocket Ride" and sends it home with an inviting tune that analyzes a transonic journey throughout the entire album. As the album comes to a close, the track's fanciful vibes encapsulate what The Nude Party was going for - creative freedom and showcases their growth as a band.


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