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Concert Tips For 2021

Concerts are basically fully back and the world is seeming normal again. Did we forget how to survive them? Probably not. Did we create a list of tips just in case? Yes we did.

How Early To Get In Line:

How much do you love this band/artist? Could you live without seeing them up close and personal, or are you the kind of person that likes the close experience like that? That’s the number one thing to determine how early to get in line. Check the capacity of the venue you’ll be going to. Is it smaller such as 200-500? Is it in between such as 2,000 to 3,000? Or is it a huge arena? This can all help you decide. For me, it depends on the artist. If it’s someone I constantly listen to and I get extremely excited every time I see them, you will definitely catch me in the pit (the earliest I’ve lined up for a show was six in the morning, for a show that didn’t happen). If it’s someone who I think is worth it to see in concert but I’m just chillin’, you’ll catch me hangin’ in the back. A standard time to get there is a couple of hours before the doors or gates open. But depending on how big the artist is and how much you want to see them, that’ll be up to you to decide on how much you wanna sell your soul to be in line for the day.

How To Dress:

Okay, so this is one of those things where you either spend months planning your perfect concert outfit or you throw on whatever you find in your closet. Everyone is different. For me, it just depends. Sometimes I freak out (positively) for months about what to wear to certain shows and plan. Other times, I throw on something nice in my closet. Pay attention to what season it is. Is it summer? Are you going to an outdoor show or music festival? You’re gonna wanna dress weather appropriate. Is it winter? Are you just bearing the snow and all to get into your favorite venue? You might wanna bundle up. For summer, I usually have on crop tops, tank tops, denim shorts and sandals or sneakers. For winter, I’m usually bundled up over a cute sweater and tights with shorts I picked out.

Have Cash:

Although we progress into a cashless society more everyday, you never know when you’re going to need cash. Some merch stands may not have access to a digital service such as Venmo, Paypal, or having a tablet or card machine on hand. Some concerts you have to pay a minor charge at the door, and you might not be able to pay with card. Always have cash on you when attending concerts.

Event and Venue Apps:

If you’re going to an outdoor event or festival, the event most likely has an app. The venue may as well. Research events and venue sites for information. These apps will be your guide for safety, what time artists go on at what stages, event schedules, concessions, bathrooms, you name it. They can be literally life-saving.

Drink Water:

This is super obvious for outdoor summer shows and festivals (find a water fountain, buy bottled water, ask people who work at the venue for water), but it’s important for indoor shows as well. If you’re up in the pit, it can get extremely hot and claustrophobic up there. We don’t want anyone passing out. Drink water.

Bag & What To Have In It:

Nowadays, most venues and arenas require a clear bag, or extremely small ones. Do your research on what the venue you’re going to requires. So what do you put in small bags? What are you allowed to? Again, research your venue and see what you’re NOT allowed to have. Normally, what I bring with me, is debit card, cash, ID, concert ticket (except most tickets are electronic now), any makeup I want such as lipgloss, travel size deodorant & perfume (for outdoor shows, in line all day situations, etc.), sunscreen venues allow, portable charger, HAIR TIES (caps for me @ myself), earplugs if ya dig, anything else you need that the venue will allow.

Hope these tips helped, refreshed your memory, or made you think of things you wouldn’t have thought of. There’s some things I learned as well. Concerts are back. Live music is back. Let’s keep rockin’ together, finally.

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