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EP REVIEW: John Foley's "Spirits"

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

"Talk about a cosmic experience." Those were the first thoughts to myself after I finished listening to singer-songwriter John Foley's new EP Spirits. This music is rare to find. This is the kind of music I go searching for. Though I never seem to find what I'm looking for, it always finds me.

"If Stevie Nicks joined The Heartbreakers"

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, like many of us, John struggled through his teen years with identity issues and eventually found himself through singing and songwriting. "Singing and songwriting helps me process my life. It enables me to talk about things I don’t feel comfortable addressing directly.”, he stated. Foley's influences are a diverse group of artists including Tom Petty, Brandie Carlile, Eagles, Amy Winehouse, and Black Sabbath amongst others.

Foley's new EP "Spirits" is conceptually and artistically linked with his 2018 EP "Specters". Spirits opens with "Hey Little Witch", the perfect kick-off track that invites you on a 1960s Folk-Acoustic journey. The repetitive main textured keyboard riff is what really pulled me into this song, along with the smooth, jazz-like guitar solo in the middle of the track. It's almost as if the tone is set in nature, wandering through the forests with big tall trees and dark light. Moving into the second track, "Follow the Water" reveals a darker tone while the lyrics transport you on a super-natural water-themed journey.

"If you're feeling confident go all in, but don't forget the house always wins"

"Aces High" is a slower track, yet still holds the magic that the previous tracks held. It's a dark and mysterious song for when you're down on your luck. "What Fades Away" is the track that ties Spirits to Specters with the lyrics, "And I don't know what fades away/And I don't know what's here to stay/Specters come and spirits go/Teach me all there is to know". It's an imaginative trip of a song. John comments on the song, "That's about being lost in all aspects of your life, and things feeling fleeting while you try to make sense of it all and find your way."

"Another Lover", the ending track, and my personal favorite track on Spirits closes it out with Americana and country vibes which smolders with relationship and romance frustrations. "Having people believe in me and my music, and reach out to me through social media is so powerful. That bond with others is so special. That they relate to the emotions I'm expressing is super satisfying."

You can listen to Spirits here, check out John Foley's website, and keep up with him on Instagram and Facebook.

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