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Faster Pussycat Rocks Diamond Music Hall (Featuring Local Rock Guitarist, Sam Bam Koltun)

Faster Pussycat Setlist (06/26/2021 @ Diamond Music Hall):

Where There's A Whip There's A Way


Slip Of The Tongue

Don't Change That Song

Little Dove

Ain't No Way Around It

Pirate Love

Number 1 With A Bullet


House Of Pain


Bathroom Wall/Pretty Fucked Up

Shut Up & Fuck


Faster Pussycat, Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

Concerts are back and Rock N Roll is alive. Saturday night (June 26, 2021) was a hell of a party at Diamond Music Hall in Saint Peters, Missouri. Claiming the title "Largest indoor music venue this side of the river" with a capacity of 1200, the hall is extremely spacious with two bars - "Highway To Hell" in the front and "Stairway To Heaven" in the back - along with the "Purgatory Cafe" to the right of the stage, it's accommodating for whatever mood you're in. You can read more and keep up with who's rockin' when on the venue's Facebook page.

Mark Crowell and Sam Bam Koltun, Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

To start off the night, The ALI Band (Tony, Mark, Bob (Mr. Yuk) and Steve) rocked through classic rock hits from Aerosmith (Sweet Emotion), Foghat (Slow Ride), Nazareth (Hair Of The Dog), Whitesnake (Here I Go Again) and tons more. For the last song, the highlight of the night happened. Sam Bam Koltun (Guitarist for Faster Pussycat, Budderside, Dorothy, etc.) who was taught by Mark Crowell for years, came out and rocked the entire crowd, getting everyone even more pumped, but also recreating past moments in which these two have shared the stage many times before.

Sam Bam Koltun, Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

Faster Pussycat, Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

I was hanging out towards the back of the place (near the Stairway bar) but after watching Mark and Sam come together on stage, it felt like old times and got me excited for the main event. Hangin' out on the dance floor, with a bottle of Michelob Ultra in my hand, at a sold-out show, the world was finally normal again. I was at a concert. With lots of familiar faces. Anticipating a hometown boy with a dream, who's made it out in LA and touring with a phenomenal Rock N Roll band. "Not glam, not punk, but somewhere in between", Faster Pussycat kicked off with "Where There's A Whip There's A Way" with vocalist Taime Downe roaring, Xristian Simon wailin' on guitar, Danny Nordahl playing killer bass, Chad Stewart pounding on the drums, and of course, Sam Bam shredding on guitar, the crowd is welcomed back to Rock N Roll, just the way we like it. The band also featured classic hits throughout the night such as "Cathouse", "Don't Change That Song", "Bathroom Wall" and "Babylon" closed out the show.

Sam Bam Koltun, Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

Sam Bam Koltun, Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

"House Of Pain", known to be the band's most famous hit, slowed things down in the middle of the night for a more ballad-like track, and the lyrics to this song are so meaningful, these guys have hearts after all. My favorite songs of the night have to be "Bathroom Wall" and "Pretty Fucked Up". I go back with Sam ten years and even though I "hated" him for years after he told me he hoped Justin Bieber fell off a cliff and died when I was a teenager, I came around and have learned what a truly amazing musician he is and I'm proud of him.

You can keep up with Faster Pussycat on Instagram and Facebook, check out Taime and Sam's patreons and check out the band's website for tour dates, band info and more.

Faster Pussycat (Stage), Courtesy of Bethany Hildebrandt

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