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Fleet Foxes' "Can I Believe You"

Even though this song isn't technically a "single", I decided to do a review for it anyway. This song was recently introduced to me off of Fleet Foxes' surprise fourth album release in September 2020. I've heard about Fleet Foxes for a while, but never got around to giving them a listen... Until now.

Straight out of Seattle, the Folk band has been around since 2006, came to prominence with their second EP release, "Sun Giant" and first full-length "Fleet Foxes" in 2008. Fleet Foxes' sophomore album "Helplessness Blues" released in 2011, went certified gold, the band took hiatus for six years and came back in 2017 with third full-length, "Crack-Up". In September 2020, Fleet Foxes released their surprise album, Shore.

The track "Can I Believe You" was introduced to me recently and I just can't get enough of it. From what I've heard, this album and track is different from what Fleet Foxes has done in the past, but it's beautiful. Beginning with a unison hymn, it feels like I'm in church, or being taken on some kind of biblical or spiritual journey. It's like my brain can comprehend everything that's happening in this song. I'm so tuned in with the vocals, the keyboard, the background vocals that sound like hymns. And the lyrics are magical as well - "Can I believe you when you say I'm good? I didn't need to when I wished you would, No it isn't enough, Never held that much, Now another way up, Been a row too tough".

You can keep up with Fleet Foxes on Instagram and Facebook. You can listen to Shore here, listen to all of Fleet Foxes discography here, and check out even more at

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