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Greta Van Fleet - Candlelight Sessions

Now that Greta Van Fleet's sophomore album The Battle At Garden's Gate has been out for a few weeks, it seems like the band's live performances of just about every song has been dropping on YouTube weekly. We're torn between this is everything we've ever wanted and it's positively overwhelming to keep up with it all.

What seems to be the focus more recently has been Candlelight Sessions, that were directed by well-known industry photographer, Paige Sara. Paige started out taking nature photos on family vacations and in her mother's rose garden when she was twelve. She studied film photography throughout high school, and by the time she graduated, she was already shooting professionally. Dropping out of community college after a year and a half, she began to work full-time as a freelance photographer and grew her business, Paige Sara Photo. Via Paige's 2019 interview with Voyage LA about what it's like to work freelance she states, "It's worth scraping pennies every once in a while just to not have to sit at a desk all day nine to five". Paige has an impressive resume working with clients such as Interscope Records, RCA Records, Greta Van Fleet and tons more. She's been taking photos of GVF since 2017, and was recently credited for photography for her work with the band's performance at Red Rocks Ampitheatre, a four-part series on YouTube. She has also shot promo photos for The Battle At Garden's Gate, for the Heat Above video, and has now directed the band's Candlelight Sessions.

There have been two performances (so far) in these sessions, and both have been extremely beautiful. Being that Broken Bells was the last single released before the album dropped, it was very fitting to kick off with that song. When this song was released, I was laying in bed, not able to sleep, dreading work the next day and felt completely out of it. Then, I got the notification that Greta Van Fleet has released yet another single. It was as if all of my stress was released and I felt whole again. Hearing Broken Bells put a new perspective on this band for me. It felt like the band was finally showing us what they were truly made of. And everything in the live performance was everything I imagined it would be and more. The outfits, the candles, the orchestra. Sam Kiszka playing the piano the best he ever has. Danny Wagner being so subtle on the drums. Jake Kiszka playing acoustic with his pick in his mouth. Josh Kiszka and his vocals so soothing, yet so powerful. It's so comforting. And just when you get settled into the song, it gradually gets better. There's a small piano solo from Sam and then we see Jake switch from acoustic to electric, so he can begin his everlasting guitar solo. After the guitar solo, Josh is to be seen wearing a full maroon colored jumpsuit with sparkles surrounding his neck area, for the big finale.

Moving on to the performance of Tears Of Rain, a personal favorite of mine from The Battle At Garden's Gate, begins with the symbol of the track, which is fifteen small circles shaped into a triangle. Via Paige's Instagram story, she ordered real, sustainably and ethically sourced butterflies from Guatemala to go along with the white roses on Sam's piano because details matter. Once the lyrics "Who will bring the rain?" are being sung, you've lost it. Just like the first time I listened to this song. It was so raw, magical and overwhelming. Tears Of Rain is already an emotional track, but to have a visual to go along with it takes you to a higher level.

Check out Paige Sara's portfolio here and listen to The Battle At Garden's Gate here. Follow Greta Van Fleet on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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