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Focus Artist - Ida Mae

Folk-Rock duo Ida Mae offer fifth single from their upcoming full-length, Click Click Domino which is available July 16. Along with the thumping in the beginning and staccato guitar picks, Stephanie Jean's vocals are clear as day and powerhouse sounding. According to Wonderland, the duo states "This is a runaway song, the first person whisperings of a seductress that you'll follow whatever the consequences." Hence the lyrics, "I left my life, I let them go/Heading to a destination still unknown".

Ida Mae's debut album Chasing Lights dropped in 2019 which features tracks such as Boom Boom Boom, My Girl Is A Heartbreak, Chasing Lights, and more. Since 2018, Ida Mae has toured with musical acts Marcus King Band and Greta Van Fleet, and have shared the stage with Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss.

Click Click Domino, which was released earlier in 2021, features Marcus King and offers the crossover between Folk and Blues, thanks to Marcus King's unique guitar style. Raining For You is also featured on the album (which is my current favorite). The softer and low-sounding vibe of this song is the entire reason why I love music so much. It's raw. It's clear. It sounds like a song you would hear in a coffee shop, or you'd listen to walking home from a bad day or even to help you start your day in a calm way. Although it's somewhat of a sad song, I find it so beautiful and calming. Road To Avalon reminds me of traveling, whether it’s a road trip, a flight, traveling through different places, etc. It’s such a sweet song and I love when this duo shows their softer side and slows things down, it really shows Chris & Stephanie’s true colors and what they can do with their music. Deep River (which also features Marcus King) is total folk-blues rock and fits the Ida Mae image the most.

Click Click Domino is set to drop July 16 and you can preorder it here and you can check out Ida Mae's website and follow on Instagram, Facebook and Patreon.

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