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Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Evan Bieber created his project Fading Out (named after a lyric in State Champ’s “10 Am”) in 2020 while spending time isolated at home writing vulnerable and introspective songs. His reflections on relationships, isolation, and growing up radiate through his storytelling. He released his debut EP 'Reckless' on July 1, 2022. A&R Factory described the EP as “anthem-sounding music that belongs in the movies.” Although Fading Out is primarily a solo endeavor, there is an expanding musical community of musicians collaborating for live shows.

Bieber spent 2021 writing his follow-up to “Reckless,” his first full-length album titled Maybe I Thought About You Once. He was inspired by Taylor Swift’s Folklore to write an album as a collection of different stories, resulting in depth and maturity in the music that is intricate, yet relatable. Bieber completed Maybe I Thought About You Once in the winter of 2022 at The Barber Shop Studios in Hopatcong, New Jersey. The LP was produced, mixed, and mastered by Rob Chiarappa (Jake Miller, The Stolen).

“So Embarrassing” was released on October 17 and is the first single off his debut full-length album Maybe I Thought About You Once. “So Embarrassing” tells an all-too-familiar feeling of being socially awkward in an upbeat, fun way. Bieber explains, “My inspiration for the lyrics were those everyday moments where I just wanted to stop talking and run away from a conversation. The song explains different funny experiences like words coming out of my mouth the wrong way and spilling coffee on myself. 'So Embarrassing' is a playful take on being weird and being human.” The inspiration for the sound can be described as the lovechild of Turnover and The Cure.

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