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THE HYBRIS is an international Alternative Rock project of three friends. All members lived in Germany, they know each other for many, many years. In the past they played in various bands playing Rock, Punk, Alternative before the trio was spread all over the world.

Today they live in Nice, L.A. and Cologne, but still – and more than ever – make music. They write and produce everything on their own, in a joint virtual recording studio. Every member plays various instruments and contributes what the current piece of music needs. And why this name? In greek tragedy 'Hybris' stood for exaggerated self-pride, arrogance, excess of ambition causing the transgressor's ruin. The perfect headline for the age we live in.

Their lyrics often show political attitude – well, rock songs without attitude are crap, right? But why these silly masks? Isn't this mask thing worn out? THE HYBRIS create their music as Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill – three wannabe superheroes on a mission to save the world. “We felt like doing something ‘different’. At first it was a stupid idea, but meanwhile, we think it is pretty cool”, Ringo says.

Formed in 2020, THE HYBRIS spent the next years writing and producing their debut album ‘Music, Vol. 1’, which was released in June 2022. It is a truly international project, the trio lives in Germany, France and the US and writes and produces their music remotely.

Their latest single "Keep The Wolves Away" debuted November 2022 provides an aggressive tone with catchy guitar riffs, steady drum beats and hefty screeching vocals. The next project from THE HYBRIS debuts January 13 with a single titled "Imposter Syndrome."


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