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Comprising James Howard, Zach Stout, John Landino and Andi Wright, Connecticut-based emo/indie rock band The Inside Out has been electrifying audiences throughout its home state and beyond with exhilarating yet thought-provoking tracks that speak to the wide array of complex emotions and thoughts that make us human. On the heels of its thrilling debut album No Brains, No Blood. which was recorded and released via the Shelton, Connecticut-based label Black Barrel Records at the end of 2022, the quartet now shifts focus to the project’s second gripping single and title track.

No Brains, No Blood. is riveting in its expansive sound, keeping listeners hooked with ripping guitar leads and heavy drum grooves. At the same time, the song maintains a restorative sense of optimism that will no doubt provoke fans to reflect on how they can overcome even their greatest challenges and improve their lives going forward.

“The album’s title track leads into battle, hoping to persevere against faltering self-identity and mental health…The song duets with its neighboring track ‘Nothing’ to provide a seamless transition from primal energy to heartfelt emo rock revival."

Channeling influences from indie rock legends such as The Strokes, Modest Mouse, and Brand New, and packed with rousing anthems propelled by relatable topics that run the gamut of sentiments and life experiences, from inner turmoil to conflict to satisfying triumph, the album No Brains, No Blood. is an authentic and cutting-edge project that has formally announced The Inside Out’s arrival as one of the most stimulating and original indie bands on the scene today. The album also features the band’s previous single “Figure Me Out,” which was released along with a compelling music video filmed under the direction of Kris Khunachak, who previously directed The Wonder Years’ “Wyatt’s Song.”

The Inside Out will hit the stage on February 3 at Kingland's Bar & Grill in Brooklyn, New York City’s iconic venue The Bowery Electric on February 11, performing with special guests Pondview, T!LT, and Rushing Spring, and on March 11 at The Beeracks in East Haven, CT.

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