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Letter From The Editor

I’ve never written an official letter from the editor, (besides some random updates whatever those were) mostly because I wanted to post about nothing but music (once I figured out this was a music blog). There’s a lot that has happened to me within the last couple of months. I accomplished a goal of getting to listen to and review my favorite band’s album early, my great-grandma died, I got fully vaccinated (then sick from second dose), I contracted Covid-19 after receiving both doses, I’m trying to buy a house and now I’m dealing with another death. I have experienced three people dying in the last five months, when most of my life, I’ve barely dealt with death. Now the toll rises to three in five months.

When I was sent The Battle At Garden’s Gate a week before the intial release date to review it, I felt like I was on top of the world. That was a goal I imagined not happening anytime soon. The same day that album was officially released, I received news that my great-grandma (aka Granny) died. About a week or two later, I rearranged my work schedule to get my first vaccine dose, after receiving the second, I was sick for days, causing me to miss work. Days before I was “officially” fully vaccinated, I contracted Covid-19. Quarantine for eight days. My mind went back to the beginning of the pandemic. Isolation life. Houses on the market sell on average in three days, before I even have the opportunity to look at them. And now… I face what’s hitting me the hardest. The passing of someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in three or four years. The tears I’ve had. How apologetic I’ve been. The regrets I have. Someone I wasn’t extremely close with, but close enough to have had experiences with. Someone who helped me in my career. Someone who provided great memories. Someone who broke my heart. Someone whose heart I broke. Someone I should have given more time of day to.

On an exciting note, while I was in quarantine, my favorite band (Greta Van Fleet) announced tour dates! So I planned a trip to Nashville! It’ll be Bethany vs Nashville & Bethany vs the heat, but it’s all worth it. It’s all happening.

There’s a lot to do with this blog. With this thing, I have created. I look to other blogs, music journalists, and of course, do the normal human things – “Oh I need that, I need to do that, why aren’t I doing this like them?”. But it’s just a thing. I have no idea what I’m doing with this blog or why you people read it. I have no idea what I’m doing as a music journalist – I learn from friends, the internet, and Almost Famous. Some weeks there are playlists, articles, reviews, etc. and some weeks there’s nothing. But I suppose that’s the beauty and thrill of it. Some weeks you’re at your best and some weeks you’re at your worst. But maybe I should stop taking everything so seriously, including life. Because if I’ve learned anything lately, life’s over before you know it. Enjoy the quarantine photos.


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