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The time has come for us to enter yet another year and chapter of our lives. 2021 brought so many gracious and exciting opportunities and I am forever thankful for those. In April, I was granted early access to my favorite band Greta Van Fleet's The Battle At Garden's Gate before public release, marking that the first highlight of my career. In July, I joined a Facebook music industry networking group GBTRS (Girls Behind The Rock Show), introduced myself and started paving a way for myself in the industry. I've made so many wonderful connections with entertainment groups, publicists, artist managers, etc.

In September, I was granted access to another favorite artist of mine's album before public release, Scotty McCreery's Same Truck. In October, I landed my first-ever music journalism internship with a publication called Play Too Much, in which I have written several articles along with enhancing and strengthening my writing skills to a more professional level. Although that internship is ending at the end of January, I'm currently working on setting up another internship.

I’ve also joined another music publication called Soft Sound Press (which I haven’t written my first article yet, sorry Paige, blame Ultra Q) where I most likely will be doing a lot of writing. As I have mentioned before, sometimes it’s overwhelming running a music blog. I know there are fellow music bloggers/editors/etc who can relate. With feeling the need to run everything has taken away from my true passion of writing. We’re doing our best to keep up with content, but for the most part, we’re only able to keep up with playlists. But we’re still here. With that being said, eventually, this music blog will be just a memory. But for now, we’re still here. My most important priority for A Way With Words is to at least keep up with our Current Spins playlist, which brings you new hits and old.

Wherever this journey that started out as a side hobby takes us, we’ll always be grateful for everyone who has supported us.



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