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HELLO AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow, we made it another year. I originally was going to write an end-of-the-year article, but I was in chaos mode and had no time to do so. Song & Fury had an amazing year in 2023 (our best year yet), with over 3,000 article views all together, 200 articles published, we hit over 400 followers on Instagram and most of all, we got to spend the year doing what we love most - sharing our favorite and new music with music lovers all over the world.

We're welcoming 2024 in with open arms as it will be a very special year for us. It's Song & Fury's five-year anniversary and if I can be completely honest, I didn't think I would still be running it or even writing for that matter. When I first launched Song & Fury in 2019 (originally titled A Way With Words until 2022), it was an entertainment blog and just a side hobby. Since then, I've transformed it into a music publication where I've debuted Greta Van Fleet albums, captured tons of shows through photography, interviewed stunning artists like Hannah Wicklund and have blushed and gushed over The Beatles.

You might see a few changes from us this year - a few of our looks might change, website update, logo update, etc. We also will be dipping our toes into the world of brand partnerships and plan to collab with editors, journalists, photographers, publicicts, etc. within the music industry so both us and you can learn a thing or two.

Most of all, we'll be here doing what we do and you'll (hopefully) be there reading what we write and watching the things we do all year long. We put together a lil 2024 motivation playlist with songs to kickoff the new year and we made sure to include a variety. You can check out the playlist below and follow us for updates. See you in the funny papers :)

-- Bethany Hildebrandt 🦋⚡


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