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Letter From The Editor: End Of 2021

2021 has been the year of opportunity. Gaining new experiences, facing more challenges. It’s hard to keep up with this blog. Views and followers aren’t everything, but when you feel like nobody’s reading your blog, it’s hard to keep putting effort into it. I’ve gained new opportunities such as writing for another blog and was granted a music journalism internship. This blog was something I created out of nothing and built it into something beautiful… But it drains me when I feel like nothing’s coming out of it. Some people may think it’s a mindset and maybe it is. But when you start gaining other opportunities and see how those help you grow and get you closer to where you want to be, that’s what you want to stick with.

I kicked off the year with some fun - reflecting on past albums, creating playlists, doing themed weeks. Did anyone care? Probably not, but it was for my enjoyment. I gained the opportunity of a lifetime which was getting to hear my favorite band (Greta Van Fleet’s) new album before public release for review. That was the motivation to become more serious as a music journalist. I gained another opportunity by hearing another favorite artist’s (Scotty McCreery) new album and became even more serious. I’m sent an overwhelming amount of press releases every single week, publicists asking if I can do articles on their artists without a full team. Sure, I can add the songs to our New Music Monday playlist, but is it enough?

I’ll still update our New Music Monday playlist every week and write a few articles here when I can, but for now, this is a “see ya later”. If you’re interested in keeping up with me and my work elsewhere, you can visit my Instagram @bethanyhildebrandtt and check out my work on @playtoomuch. (If you're ACTUALLY interested, here's a link to my portfolio, work, etc. *Don't worry, we will ALL be writing about our Spotify wrapped for 2021 ASAP so stay tuned*


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