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Letter From The Editor: Spring Update

Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? Since we last talked, a lot's happened. Good things though! (I'm obviously a little rusty with words since life has been tumultuous lately) Nevertheless, let's discuss the elephant in the room of being inactive and the adventures I've been taking!

First of all, I'm not done with this blog. I'm not done with updating our playlists. Not done with any of it. In March, I took the most special trip of my life and the buildup to it was insane. I had tons of packing and planning to do. A trip to Michigan was something I needed in life. Traveling by train all day, seeing Greta Van Fleet in an arena, going to GVF's hometown of Frankenmuth, playing arcade games and drinking Frankenmuth raspberry beer at the Bavarian Inn, visiting places like Zehnder's and Bronner's, exploring Saginaw. It was everything I'd been wanting to do for four years. I traveled back home with a new outlook on life because of that concert and those towns. I've let my hair go wavy/curly, I've listened to Bob Seger a lot, I've embraced my inner beauty. Something was said in a speech by GVF frontman Josh Kiszka that's stuck with me since, "The only fun that must be had is too much. People need people. Enjoy all of it, always. And remember that all you have is special."

Along with traveling to Michigan, I picked up another internship (this time with public relations in the music industry). It's a lot of work, but it's fun and ultimately, there's a lot more PR jobs in the world than journalist jobs.

I've also moved into MY first home. Me, my boyfriend, our bunny, our little apartment. Every day since we've been here I've hopped out of bed and the first thing I do is turn music on. Most of the time, yes, I am turning on Greta Van Fleet first thing but sometimes it varies. I then make toast or grab a breakfast bar, make some tea, check on my bunny and decide what I'll do for the day. Some days, I do have to work. Others, I've been cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Today's the first real day I've had in a while due to all of life's chaos.

One thing I never let myself lose is my love for music. My mom and I were out shopping (first we got some cleaning supplies which I wasn't thrilled about at first, but am now SO grateful I have) and we stopped at an antique mall. I was there originally looking for a teapot, but then of course had to gaze at the records they had. I was in awe of what I found. Led Zeppelin II (my FAVORITE Zep album), Fleetwood Mac's Rumors (these are super rare records to find) and Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. I couldn't help but buy them, I HAD to. My sister also just bought me GVF's From The Fires (super rare for some reason) and I found GVF's Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (my number one all time favorite album, also rare) on Amazon for reasonable prices. Two years ago, vinyl meant nothing to me. Now, I'm infatuated with it. But I do only buy records I know I will absolutely listen to and love.

And here we are! I'm sitting comfortably on my couch in my living room, my bunny beside me, anticipating the chai tea latte I'll be making soon, listening to The Warning since I'm about to see them Friday.... Wait, what!? YES, I'm seeing The Warning at a small venue and I am over the moon for it. The band I've found only two years ago (whose fans have helped & supported myself & the blog SO SO much, endless thank you's for that) is coming to my town and I'm thrilled to revel to an all-women band. The energy in the room will be so high and I can't wait.

This was somewhat of a random update, but it was much needed. And surprise for fans of The Warning: it's just now hitting me that I'm seeing them in person... Stay tuned for those updates!



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