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LISTEN: Andrew Thomases Releases "SUBURBAN VOID"

New York’s alt-rocker Andrew Thomases is back with a nostalgic vibe in new single "Suburban Void." Andrew grew up experiencing his dad pursuing music and picked up a bass guitar when he was just twelve years old. Now inspired by the music he’s surrounded by in San Francisco, he’s established his own unique style based on experiences that have and will continue to shape him. In 2021, Andrew had a phenomenal year releasing singles such as “Cure Me,” “Outrun Revolution” and call-to-climate action-filled track, “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone.” If you’re in the mood for something diverse and funky, “Suburban Void” is the perfect track for you!

“Suburban Void” features nostalgia and reflection of Thomases’ teenage years growing up in New York suburbs with relatable lyrics such as “We were just living in the suburban void, we didn’t know all we could’ve enjoyed.” With Andrew’s overall 80s/90s vibe, it’s easy to feel nostalgic and capture the sounds of previous decades. With its catchy guitar riffs, funky beat, and memorable lyrics, you’ll be singing along all too well.

Andrew states on the track, “You will find hints of The Replacements, Cheap Trick and perhaps Lou Reed.” He also mentions that growing up in NY, he feels he wasted his youth as he had so much at his fingertips. However when he was a teenager, all him and his friends cared about was partying, drinking and hooking up - which he claims is pretty pathetic. What makes this track so catchy and familiar is the retro-rock feel and you can feel yourself going back into decades… Even if you weren’t born yet! The way Andrew is able to portray a visual for the song makes it even better and you will find yourself wanting to go back to the 80s!

Having just made his debut as a solo artist in 2021, Andrew has since then gained 388 streams, 235 monthly listeners and has been heard in 35 countries. Andrew Thomases has already released a collection of instant hits that will capture hearts of alt-rock lovers forever. We can’t wait to see what’s next from him!


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