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LISTEN: Arden Alexa Releases Sassy Anthem "Strawberry Pie"

Born and raised in San Francisco, Arden spent the after-school hours of her high school years cutting her teeth in the Bay Area music scene. Her debut single, 2021's "The Coast" was the world's first glimpse of her artistic ability. This was followed by 2022's "Day Dreams", Arden's first full-length project: A six-song EP that truly welcomes you into her universe of raw vocals and deeply personal lyricism.

Since embarking on her journey as a full-time artist in June of 2022, Arden has been focused on polishing her craft and finding her sound. Her latest release "Strawberry Pie" shows off a more modern side of the artist while still displaying the same fun, exuberant personality of her previous releases. The accompanying music video (co-starring her blowup boyfriend Chad) was made in her backyard in collaboration with her best friend. The video transports us into Arden's fantasy world- complete with stuffed animals and quirky tea parties a la Alice in Wonderland.

Gathering inspiration from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and the pop princesses who soundtracked her childhood and teen years, Arden Alexa's unique sound has been developed by infusing her own quirky and youthful indie style into the upbeat anthems she knows and loves.

Arden is super excited to share her new single + music video for "Strawberry Pie" released today. Here's what she had to say about the songwriting process: "It wasn’t until four years after meeting my first love that I was actually able to write a song about him. When I sat down to write Strawberry Pie, I knew I wanted the song to recreate all the playful, fun, youth of that relationship while simultaneously conveying the sarcastic hurt following our breakup. Just as this song was a cathartic experience for me to write, I hope listeners can use it as both an ironic “getting over you” song and a freeing, joyful anthem".

Check out more of Arden Alexa's music + keep up with her below!



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