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LISTEN: Barbara Shares New Single "Ride The Wave"

On the dance floor, Bay Area DJ and musician Barbara is the party. Between her big smile, bright energy and incredible song selection, she’ll fill your heart and soul with joy. She plays from her gut informed by her musical influences, DJ residencies at places like Black Flamingo & W Hotels, Burning Man and her wild inner child. If you’ve ever been to see Barbara play it’s all gas, no brakes. Her music is surprising, fun, upbeat and makes you feel like you’re at a funky disco house party somewhere unknown.

Barbara (also known as DJ Barbs) has played at popular venues including Makeout Room, 1015 Folsom, Make Believe and major events such as Daybreaker, Femme House + W San Francisco Presents and Burning Man.

Today, she's releasing her new single "Ride The Wave." Barbara explains the song is about finding your person - the right love that won't hurt or betray you. The right love that won't hurt you or betray you. The love you don't see coming and finds you when you least expect it.

"It’s a dreamy and romantic little pop bop.”

What makes Barbara such a unique artist (and fun to listen to) is that she plays by no rules. And she’s always smiling and bringing people together on the dancefloor with her eclectic taste. You can hear it in her album Palm City Dreams since she draws inspiration from 90s pop bands, alternative rock, deep house and disco.

Listen to Barbara's music + keep up with her below!


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