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LISTEN: Catch Your Breath Releases New Single "No Evil"

Catch Your Breath are sharing their furiously unrelenting new track "No Evil," on March 31 via Thriller Records. The band's debut album is set to release late 2023.

A fresh, burgeoning alt-rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Comprised of vocalist Josh, guitarist Teddy, bassist Cianan, and drummer Onell, Catch Your Breath injects a unique mix of synth soundscaping elements, imaginative production, and refined songwriting for an intense amount of emotion. The secret ingredient of their music is their relatable core. Says Teddy of the sound, "We want to mix it up with a new gen of alt-rock and metal... there's almost never just our instruments playing by themselves".

The band is coming off the heels of their successful release of single "Dial Tone." The track illuminates an addictive sound as it's dosed in distinctive guitar tones and strong vocals. The track has hit over 7 million streams on Pandora and over 17 million on Spotify while charting on iTunes and Billboard.

"No Evil" is a wildly pummeling track that takes listeners on an enraged journey through hell and fire. Catch Your Breath melds worlds of chaotic-pop melodies with intense aggression behind a wall of massive screams. The music radiates a catchiness, which flourishes against shrouds of angst taking the listener on a rollercoaster of emotion. The lyrics are rife with the haunting visions of hypocrisy built on what can be challenged on the modern worldview. "No Evil" is the type of high-impact, kick-you-in-the-teeth song that fans are bound to be addicted to.

“We see a lot of hate, bigotry and discrimination from a group of people who love to preach the opposite. They love to target our friends in different communities while simultaneously, turning a blind eye to their own who commit the worse offenses. We went back to our heavier side for a song like this and want to let all our friends and supporters know in these communities that always get targeted by hate, we see you and stand strong with you."

Fans can see Catch Your Breath on tour support Falling In Reverse, Ice Nine Kills, Our Last Night, Slaughter To Prevail and Crown The Empire.

Listen to Catch Your Breath's music, check out tour dates + keep up with them below!


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