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LISTEN: Crooked Teeth Debut "Drink Bleach"

Photo by Maya Holt

Bay Area rock trio Crooked Teeth are continuing their prolific output of hard-hitting alt anthems with their new single “Drink Bleach,” available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide. The track is a high-energy burst of frustration from vocalist/guitarist Emma Oakley in response to unrealistic standards placed upon women. Ultimately, it is an ode to self-acceptance and self-love.

“‘Drink Bleach’ is a song that came to me in a moment of intense anger and frustration,” says Emma Oakley. “I have been asked to smile by random men and referred to as having RBF, and I was tired of feeling like I had to change myself to fit into someone else’s idea of what was acceptable. For years, I had been pressured to be more feminine, more approachable, more malleable - to take up less space in the world and to constantly mold myself to the expectations of others. Writing this song with some amazing and supportive friends was a cathartic experience, a chance to rebel against every unrealistic standard that has been placed upon us as women. I wanted to make a statement about the pressure to be constantly joyful or pleasant, to always put on a smile for the sake of others.”

Crooked Teeth is fresh off a banner year in which they received consistent support from SiriusXM’s Octane and performed at So What? Festival, Welcome to Rockville, and Aftershock festivals. The band is gearing up for a busy summer of touring, including upcoming dates with Brick + Mortar, Killboy, and Epitaph RecordsTHICK. Tickets can be purchased HERE.


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