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LISTEN: Damian Rose Shares Debut Single "PROM NIGHT IN HELL"

Damian Rose posing for artwork
Damian Rose

PROM NIGHT IN HELL is the first single off of Damian Rose’s debut EP entitled The Chronicles Of Hell. With its dark lyrics paired with an upbeat hard hitting beat, this is the perfect soundtrack of a post Soundcloud world. Damian is fusing his love for music by combining elements of rock, emo, dark pop and alternative to create his unique sound.

Damian Rose has gained a notable following through his band LST IN HLYWD as well as his personal Tik Tok and Instagram accounts. After forming and leading the internationally known band, Damian decided to take a leap of faith into a solo project where he takes his fans behind the scenes into his life and through his mind.

"I wanted to make my first release as a solo artist very personal and so through each of these songs I give my fans a piece of my soul and a deeper understanding into my own life." - Damian Rose

Damian grew up in a very catholic family. He notes how he used to have to listen to music in secret because he wasn’t allowed to listen to certain songs and bands since it was deemed the “devil’s music”. “I really wanted to poke fun of all of that in my own music because growing up that concept was very ridiculous to me”, exclaims Damian.

The Track showcases Damian’s prowess for songwriting both lyrically and rhythmically through his rhyming schemes influenced by Eminem, Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, and Lil Uzi Vert. He has always loved music since he was a young kid. He has a true love for all different genres of music. “I wanted to create something new and unique. For me music is all about pushing the boundaries and being able to create something that resonates with many people on a global scale. Music should never stay stagnant because the world itself is constantly changing. Music is a reflection of our lives,” says Rose.



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