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LISTEN: Eric Hunker Shares New Single "Get Better" + Album Announcement

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Eric Hunker posing for artwork
Eric Hunker by Nolan Blair

Known for his honest and captivating lyrics, Eric Hunker is a Tulsa, OK based singer-songwriter whose first solo abum All These Little Loves, debuted at #9 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Top 20 chart. He toured as one-half of the indie-folk duo Eric & Happie for six years, with another album - It's Yours - reaching #11 on the same chart. Eric has performed at prestigious events like SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, and even the United Nations.

Described as warm, relentless, kind, and funny, Eric believes in building relationships and creating memorable musical moments with his audience. It’s what sets his music and performance apart.

“I’ve always believed deeply in treating people with kindness and not taking anything too seriously. If it’s fun for me, it’s probably fun for you.” - Eric Hunker

Currently, the artist is preparing to release his second solo album, Beautiful Endings, in October 2023, in the midst of a national tour. Beyond music, Eric loves traveling, hiking, and living life outdoors. When he’s not touring, he teaches workshops on healthy masculinity and consent culture for teenagers. With Indie-Folk/Americana music inspired by artists like Dawes, John Mayer, and James Taylor, Eric is storytelling and singing his way across the the country with humor and humanity in tow.

The lead single from the new album "Get Better" provides perfect nostalgia for early 2000s soft rock through positive melodies, motivating lyrics and easing acoustics. "This song was inspired by the feeling that my generation knows far too well. Waiting for the world and our lives to get better. Being a kid who grew up without a cell phone or the internet and then coming to age with smartphones and social media - I often ask myself if life is getting better or worse. Are we more free or more shackled?", Eric shares about the track.


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