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LISTEN: Evol Walks Drops "Sleeping With A Ghost"

Formed in Los Angeles, CA by Australian flame-haired songwriter & lead vocalist Leah Martin-Brown, Evol Walks was very quickly revered as an act on a quest for world domination. After touring through Europe, West Coast USA, and Australia and releasing two EPs that received rave reviews from global rock heavyweights worldwide, Evol Walks were signed by Jens Lundberg to the Swedish Management company Blue Lemon Management.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the band's songwriter and vocalist Leah was whisked away to Stockholm, Sweden where they’ve continued releasing high-octane singles as Evol Walks prepared for a full-length album release. Following the path paved by rock goddesses like Joan Jett, Lzzy Hale, and Amy Lee - Evol Walks possesses the merciless passion, musical craftsmanship, and fiery spirit (and hair) to continue pushing the way forward for the next predecessors of female powerhouses.

Evol Walks released her anthemic new single "Sleeping With A Ghost", co-written & produced by Brian Howes (Airbourne, Daughtry, Halestorm, Skillet, Nickelback). The thunderous track taps into a harder, more aggressive sound as Australian vocalist Leah Martin-Brown confronts herself head-first with brutal truths and hard-hitting lyrics. As an advocate for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and LIVIN (mental health education program), Martin-Brown’s lyrics contain an underlying message of tough love and growth with an empowering rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

“Sleeping with a Ghost was written as a letter to myself- the parts of me that I didn’t like or didn’t want. By creating this ‘other’ version of myself in this track, I could tell her exactly how I felt- I could tear her down so I could begin rebuilding myself anew.

Evol Walks has been unapologetically kicking down stage doors of iconic venues worldwide since 2014. Their ferocious approach to hard rock is fueled by their “take no prisoners” attitude, classically inspired yet modern guitar riffs, and a lead vocalist who oozes an unrivaled passion, tenacity, and ferocity for all things rock and roll.

Check out more of Evol Walks' music + keep up with her below!



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