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LISTEN: happydaze Releases New Track "Heaven You Felt"

Edinburgh, Scotland based 4 piece rock band, happydaze have shared their new track, "Heaven You Felt" via Thriller Records. The single can be found on the band's forthcoming EP, Full Free Radical due out May 12.

happydaze creates an echoing atmosphere with "Heaven You Felt." The track rumbles in accompanied by serene vocals that ascend into a powerful chorus. This single radiates a delicate sound that contrasts against the overall dominance that glows from the track's melodies. The song comes alongside a music video that pulls back layers of vulnerability in a therapeutic way.

"We spent the week leading up to releasing this song shooting the music video ourselves - filmed by our bro Arthur Piddington and edited by our lead vocalist, Luke Bovill, it’s our favorite video so far."

"'Heaven You Felt' is about giving all you have to someone, and realising they don’t appreciate what you have done for them. It’s looking at someone you care about and realising the best path for you both is not the same as each others and how hard that decision is to make. It’s an honest song that I think anyone can relate to at some point in their life. " Says Bovill about the new song.

"Heaven You Felt" can be found on the band's forthcoming EP, Full Free Radical. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Listen to happydaze's music, check out their website + keep up with them below!


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