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LISTEN: If Not For Me Join Thriller Records + Release New Single

If Not For Me have joined the Thriller Records family and have announced the release of their forthcoming album, Everything You Wanted due out March 29 via Thriller Records. Alongside this news come the release of the title track, "Everything You Wanted" out now. This single is a follow-up to their well-received tracks, "Alone," "Blameless," "Feel Me Now" and "Demons."

"We can't tell you how stoked we are to be joining the Thriller family. Bob Becker and Nick Moore have both launched a lot of bands that were extremely integral in shaping our personal music tastes and who we are as musicians, and it's honestly so surreal." - If Not For Me

If Not For Me showcases raw power, raw energy and raw emotion that is blended into a tightly wound powder keg and ready to explode with "Everything You Wanted." The band strings together a powerful chorus with an addictively catchy melody, which allows the listener to scream it over and over, as they search for the same peace and closure that vocalist Patty Glover is calling for. The track presents concise transitions while highlighting an addictive atmosphere. This single is sure to evolve If Not For Me's ever-growing fanbase.


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