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LISTEN: JonoJono Shares "Lies" From Upcoming LP

After the success of his last single Consciousness, the Alternative, Rock, and Pop artist JonoJono has released a new track titled "Lies" from his upcoming album Im cool.. I guess. With an energetic and sad vibe, the new track takes listeners on a captivating journey through the intricate emotions of confusion and betrayal.

Having spent countless months refining the track, JonoJono's dedication and commitment shine through every note. "I've been working on this track since 2019, going through almost 33 different mixes before finally finalizing 'Lies' in the summer of 2023. I'm excited for people to finally feel and hear the outcome", says the talented artist.

Drawing inspiration from the potential musical collaboration between Kings of Leon and Frank Ocean, "Lies" delves into the heart of unrequited love and the struggles of devotion. The track seamlessly blends soaring vocal melodies with captivating guitar riffs, showcasing Jono's unique talent and emotive storytelling.

Listeners will find themselves swept away by the energy that will gently rock their heads back and forth, resonating with the raw emotions portrayed in the song. The poignant lyrics and memorable vocal performance strike a chord, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who listens.

"Lies" is a free-fall dive into the heart of human relationships, exploring the complexities of love and the vulnerability that comes with it. JonoJono's soulful delivery brings to life the pain and heartache of watching an unhinged love slip away, right before his eyes.



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