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LISTEN: LST IN HLYWD Debut New Magical Track "666-7"

Updated: Feb 5

Damian Rose and Lil G posing for single artwork
Photo by Damian Rose

LST IN HLYWD unveils their latest enchanting creation - "666-7," featuring the dynamic Lil G. This musical incantation was born from the roots of a high school friendship, resonating from St. Brother Andre Catholic High School in Markham, Ontario. Lead vocalist Damian Rose and Lil G's journey began in the halls of their high school choir. The duo found not just musical camaraderie but a deep and lasting friendship. Lil G was at Damian’s house one day and all of a sudden they had a spark of creativity for a collaboration that would cast its spell on listeners.

A pivotal moment in Damian's musical journey was the summer of 2023, where he delved into the mystical art of vocal production. "666-7" emerged from this exploration, making it a unique and transformative piece in LST IN HLYWD's repertoire. The song, initially kept in the shadows, is now ready to emerge into the light.

"I was listening to all the songs I had ever written, and this one really stuck out to me. The LST IN HLYWD community keeps growing, and I know we haven't put anything out since our last EP in August, so I really wanted to release something that's already ready for the fans." - Damian Rose

A divine green light signaled the release of "666-7" into the world. Damian shares a serendipitous moment when an Instagram poll, revealing a snippet of the track, coincided with the magical number 111 (1:11pm). In angel numbers, this is a green light, a divine signal to proceed.


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