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LISTEN: Max Bennett Kelly Releases "Superinlove (Roll Credits)"

Seattle-born/LA-based artist, producer, and multiinstrumentalist Max Bennett Kelly has shared his summer-soaked alt single & music video “Superinlove (Roll Credits),” available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide via AWAL. The song is the introduction to the world of Max’s debut forthcoming EP Junk Male, out this summer.

With “Superinlove,” Max imagines himself to be the protagonist of a romantic comedy, but a melancholy one where he doesn’t get the girl. He takes us through a retrospective of their tumultuous odyssey of a relationship, which spanned across the city of Los Angeles and sprawled and ambled like the city itself. To Max, his relationship with this Supercool artist girl,is fundamentally intertwined with his relationship with LA. While the drama of dating a fellow artist initially inspired Max, it ended up distracting him from why he moved to the city in the first place - music.

“Instead of writing music, I was going to parties, chasing this girl, and making myself unhappy. I became the worst version of myself. ‘Superinlove’ is the epilogue to the story, and it’s all in past tense.”

Max Bennett Kelly strikes a sweet spot between sticky hooks, unpredictable soundscapes, and cleverly candid storytelling with head-turning lyrics. Amassing tens of millions of streams and earning instant acclaim from fans around the world, he unveils his story on his forthcoming Junk Male EP, its accompanying short film shot entirely on 360 cam, and much more to come.

In 2021, Max shared a snippet of Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted,” and it lit up TikTok. Beyond millions of views, he even caught the attention of NETFLIX who made their own TikTok about it. He picked up steam at DSPs, generating north of 11.4 million Spotify streams and allowing him to focus on music full-time. “I was doing crazy shit to get by,” he laughs. “I was even participating in clinical trials and taking pharmaceutical drugs for money.” Surviving any side effects (that he’s aware of), he maintained his momentum with Birthdayin 2022 followed by Always Never Againand Broke.” Throughout 2023, he assembled what would become Junk Male. Taking the reins, he personally produced and mixed the project, recording on vintage gear to achieve a definitive vision. At the same time, he opened up lyrically. The EP details the story of a kid chasing his dream. In a twist, this protagonist transforms worst and most toxic version of himself in the process, i.e. Junk Male—only to double back around a little wiser and more understanding than before.

“I tried to make an authentic 90s album in the 2020s. I studied all of these classic records. Thematically, it’s a hero’s journey. I heed the call to adventure, find out it kind of sucks, and end up learning about myself. I don’t have to be this Junk Male version of myself anymore. I’m in touch with what’s important to me, what I like, and why I came to L.A. in the first place.”

Listen to Max Bennett Kelly's music + keep up with him below!


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