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LISTEN: Miss Velvet Unveils "Born To Be Your Own Wild (Lullaby Version)"

Channeling the legends of classic rock with powerhouse vocals, impeccable leather style and an elusive sense of danger that takes you by surprise, Miss Velvet has taken the rock n roll world by storm. No stranger to the stage, she has dominated over 100 cities and 127 shows opening a world tour for the iconic George Clinton - who calls her voice “the definition of rock n roll.” Clinton isn’t the only one singing Miss Velvet’s praises either, with numerous music critics comparing her bold and electrifying performances to the likes of Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin and Robert Plant. Additionally, her previous releases (with her band, Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf) have garnered two top 20 hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart.

Entering a new era, Miss Velvet’s forthcoming solo album Traveler blurs the lines between the roles of being a rock star, an artistic explorer, and a young mother – resulting in a potent rock escapade that’s both raw and multifaceted. After moving from her native New York City to sunny Los Angeles, Miss Velvet connected with acclaimed rock producer Esjay Jones.

"'Born to be your own wild' is the very first song that my producer Esjay and I wrote together, on the day we met. I had my little girl who was 10 months old at the time sitting in the room with us as we wrote this song to her, and at the same time, I didn’t even know I was pregnant again! I wanted to sing about the hope we have as mothers, about the beautiful dreams we have for our children and the fears we hold deep inside about the hardest journey we embark on".

The original version of the song was classic- a rock power ballad. But right as she was meant to submit the song to her team, her and Esjay decided that they should make the song more intimate- it was written for her baby, after all. And so, the "lullaby version" of the track was born.

"We created this 'lullaby' version to honor that delicate sentiment where parents dream of the best, yet at the same time, lament the inevitable letting a child go from their loving arms to go 'be their own wild.' Unconditional love".

Listen to Miss Velvet's music, check out her website + keep up with her below!


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