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LISTEN: Otto Aday Releases "Hearts"

Agnostic of eras and genres, London-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Otto Aday’s music could be uncorked in any decade and still resonate. He recently released the sophomore single, “Hearts,” from his upcoming album, Persona. The new single hinges on sparse piano and evocative vocals. Co-written with award-winning icon Dave Stewart in a Soho hotel room, it unspools towards a dramatic crescendo punctuated by his emotionally charged refrain, “That’s what breaks our hearts,” before a hummable guitar solo cries out.

The song arrives with an introspective performance-style music video filmed in famed “Studio Two” at Abbey Road Studios, the legendary room that captured the bulk of The Beatles catalog, among many other acclaimed albums. In fact, Otto is captured performing the song on the treasured Mrs. Mills piano which was the go-to piano used by The Beatles. While in the Abbey Road studio, Otto recorded five acoustic versions of songs from Persona that are set to be released in tandem with the studio album.

“If you hold onto your dreams, they won’t break your heart. If you live inside of those dreams, you don’t hurt yourself. You can nurture your dreams and follow them wholeheartedly—whether it be in a relationship or a career. If you fall out of love with the chase and the journey, you’ll break your own heart.” - Otto Aday

Blissfully nostalgic melodies, British rock ‘n’ roll energy and cinematic scope spiked with a bit of sixties psychedelia anchor his debut LP, Persona, that’s set for release on October 6 via Bay Street Records. “Each song on the album is about a moment or a person that left an impression on my life,” Otto affirms. “These songs are the breadcrumbs of these moments that I’m leaving behind.”



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