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LISTEN: Sabrina Kennedy Releases "Puritan"

Based in London, the Boston-born singer Sabrina Kennedy made many visits to nearby Salem throughout her childhood, which introduced her to all manner of alternative belief systems, as well as being “a place with a very peculiar energy” that she picked up on from an early age. Paganism, with its close connection to the power of mother nature, also held an attraction, as did tarot card reading.

The singer's forthcoming four-song debut EP Wheel Of The Year is a glimpse into Sabrina’s life living through the Wiccan calendar of the same name, which pre-dates our own. Journeying through the different seasons of her life, Wheel Of The Year showcases her artistic versatility which proves a force to be reckoned with.

"Puritan" opens the EP, evoking the spring equinox and its former ritual sacrifices that pre-dated Easter. This is followed by the bold pop-rock track and previous single "Magic & Mayhem", set with all the exuberance and energy of summer solstice delivering spellbinding melodies and magnetic hooks.

“You can burn me at the stake like a Puritan,” announces Sabrina in the opening line of the dark R&B-laced pop song. It’s a powerful statement about the lengths she’s willing to go to defend the right to be herself.

“This song is an anthem and an answer to my ancestors’ prayers. It is honoring those that came before me who were burnt at the stake and crucified for being powerful and different. It is the sacred rage that has been under the surface for centuries. It is about rising from the ashes and using that power for radical change.”

Witchcraft pulsates through Sabrina’s psyche, her life and music. However, her identification as a witch has little to do with casting spells and issuing curses. In fact, it sees Sabrina celebrating the divine feminine and connection with natural and spiritual worlds.

Listen to Sabrina Kennedy's music, check out her website + keep up with her below!



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