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LISTEN: Sebastian Ortiz Releases "Everyday She Comes Back"

Updated: May 2, 2023

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Sebastian Ortiz brings a classic folk renaissance sound to indie-rock. Inspired by artists like The Beatles, The Strokes, and Mitski, Sebastian skillfully weaves between genres, combining elements of folk, pop, and rock’n’roll to create his own joyful, energetic, and unique approach to modern music.

For Sebastian, creating music is all about experimentation and the challenge of it. “When I write a lyric or melody I think 'wow where did that come from'. It’s like that wasn’t me. That was someone else (God) putting that down. The intellectual and emotional challenge is always so rewarding.”

With plans for an EP in 2023, Sebastian dedicates himself fully to music and shows no signs of stopping. A first-generation American and graduate of Boston University, Sebastian grew up speaking Spanish and listening to salsa, reggaeton, and classical music with his Colombian-born parents, a melding of culture and experiences that would go on to contribute to the way he shares his music with the world.

"I think about the power of the individual and the contribution we each make to society - if we push ourselves to be different and to not settle into the ideals and molds pushed on us, we can create something truly great.”

Just as much as the music of his youth influenced him, so too did the adventures. Sebastian has led a life rich with experiences, from falling in love on a solo trip to Europe, to singing on stage with The Strokes at a Bernie Sanders rally, to vaulting in Columbia. "I remember standing on a galloping horse riding bareback and blindfolded while the instructor guided the horse in an oval. I think back to this and wonder how this was possible."

As Sebastian is pleased to release his latest single "Everyday She Comes Back," he explains the song was inspired by a dream involving a former lover.

This, in a nutshell, is Sebastian Ortiz. Courageous, curious, and determined to live a life full of purpose, inspiration, and impact. Now approaching his mid-twenties, the rising star is ready to combine his varied inspirations to launch himself into the spotlight in New Jersey and beyond. Already featured on popular music blogs and playlists like An Indie-Folk Morning and Music Enthusiast, Sebastian is getting noticed, and for good reason. Carried by his intimate lyrics, classical fingerpicking, and on-stage charisma, his music harkens to a bygone era while being rooted firmly in the future of rock.

With five singles released on Spotify already, Sebastian is gearing up to release more music soon. Through this, he hopes to leave a legacy of love and unity.\

Listen to Sebastian Ortiz's music, check out his website + keep up with him below!


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