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LISTEN: Theresa Gorella Releases "HOUSE OF BROKEN MIRRORS"

A singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Theresa Gorella writes music that is a reflection of her own experiences and sings with rawness and honesty that is both relatable and powerful. Growing up on a raisin farm in Fowler, California, Gorella was surrounded by the sounds of country music from a young age.

After attending Long Island University-Brooklyn, she moved to Nashville to pursue country music. She got a job waiting tables at the legendary 3rd & Lindsley and was exposed to different types of music five nights a week. While refilling waters and wiping ketchup off her shirt she saw performances by Vince Gill, Dawn Sears, Beth Hart, Jonell Mosser, Chris Stapleton and Andra Day amongst many other music legends. Seeing these artists changed the way she thought about music and inspired her to form an indie rock/funk band called Poster Child with collaborator Andrew Royal.

With Poster Child, she quickly made a name for herself in the Nashville Funk scene, but felt the pull to get back in touch with her country roots. Her solo project is her way of doing just that, with a sound that blends traditional Country with elements of Soul and Americana, which she describes as “accidentally country.”

"House of Broken Mirrors", the lead single off of her solo project is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates authentic and heartfelt music.

Listen to Theresa Gorella's music + keep up with her below!





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