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Mouth Culture Signs With INVOGUE RECORDS + Shares New EP

U.K. Alternative band, Mouth Culture, have signed to InVogue Records and are sharing their new powerhouse EP, Mishaps Of My Mid Twenties now. In addition, the band is sharing a music video for their new track, "Sharkbait."

"We are so stoked to announce we are signing with InVogue Records. With Nick Moore and Bob Becker behind us, mixed with the best music we’ve ever written, it’s a really exciting time for everything Mouth Culture. We’re just getting started." - Mouth Culture

"Sharkbait" showcases Mouth Culture's refreshingly unique sound. The track's lyrics ooze brilliant angst, complemented by edgy melodies. The track's visual is crisp and inviting while highlighting the band's original personality. Mouth Culture is sure to draw in new listeners to build their ever growing fan-base.

""Sharkbait" was the last song to be wrote for the record. We actually wrote it the week before we hit the studio off the back of a legal battle with a previous manager and our first real experience with an industry “shark.” We actually had another song in its place but it didn’t have that non-tangible feeling that the rest of the tracks on the EP gave us. So, using the frustration of what we were going through we wrote "Sharkbait. The lyrics are a "fuck you" to the sharks in the industry who just are only good for becoming lessons." Says the band about the new track.

It's the type of journey that Leicester's Mouth Culture have been on since their inception in 2019. Through every ebb and flow, Jack Voss [Vocalist], Mason Clifford [Guitarist] and Todd Groome [Bassist] have combatted them with a sense of earnestness and sincerity, resulting in art that reflects not just where they have come from but where they are going. Growing up watching a blossoming British rock scene take on the world and brought together by their love of everyone from You Me At Six and My Chemical Romance to Lower Than Atlantis and Maroon 5, they have spent the last four years creating music that they hope reflects the same power and purpose that helped them fall in love with it during their teenage years.

The result is their new EP Mishaps Of My Mid-Twenties, being released by their new label In Vogue Records. After previously self-producing their work up until this point, they brought producer Jamie Ward into the fold. Bringing together indie sensibility, pop-punk earnestness, alt-rock curveballs and quintessential British cheek, it is an EP that perfectly places everything the band have been striving for over the last half a decade under the same umbrella.

There's the wide-eyed and woozy "Sunny Smile," which has been Track Of The Week on Radio 1's Introducing Rock Show with Alyx Holcombe, rubbing shoulders with the buoyant storytelling of "Don't Pull Up." You have the brutal takedowns of "Sharkbait" standing side by side with the vibrant expression of "Cherry Red Rage." Then it's all held together by the title track, an epic piece of emotionally vulnerable rock that will send shivers shooting down your spine. It is a coming-of-age story as much as a reminder that we all experience the same thing even when it feels like we are alone; it's the band at their most honest and heartfelt. It's also their finest work to date.

It's this sort of authenticity that makes Mouth Culture an exciting outfit. Not letting the world get the best of them and instead allowing their music to speak every volume that they need, their mission statement is one of self-confidence and solidarity. In staying true to themselves - to the kids that they were, and to the grown-ups that they are to be - they show what hard work and perseverance can achieve in the face of life’s hurdles. Sharing that you are not alone in your struggles and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Delivering music that feels as familiar and nostalgic as it does fiercely modern and fresh. Showing what it means to put everything into something you truly love with people that you would do anything for. The band is a tapestry of togetherness who are still learning more and more with every passing day. Because even though Mishaps Of My Mid-Twenties is set to be the most significant moment of their story so far, they sure as hell aren't resting on it.


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