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My Way, Soon: One Year Later

There are a million things I can say about this song. The introduction to a new era for Greta Van Fleet. But first, a little backstory:

"My Way, Soon" was the first single released from Greta Van Fleet's 2021 sophomore album (released April 16) The Battle At Garden's Gate via Lava Records and debuted on October 9, 2020. It was the beginning of a new era for the band. For their fans. And for music. This song was like an entryway or an introduction for what was to come next. The song is about touring. The song is about taking chances and risks. It's about doing what you want with your life, despite what anyone else thinks. "You bought the ticket, now take the ride", frontman Josh Kiszka always states at concerts.

The perfect visual for the song is the music video. It's real. It's raw. It's a bunch of footage the band filmed of themselves in a cabin. Drinking. Dancing. Having fun. Playing music. Along with some Super 8 film footage shot at their last shows of 2019. This is my number one song for every time I travel. This song had me jumping so high when I saw GVF in concert (review). The quote (of course from Josh) is something I tie in with the song - "Fuck fear. Live your life through the intelligence of love."

Below are screenshots from the My Way, Soon video and photos (taken by Bethany) from Strange Horizons Night One in Nashville, TN.

*All photos shot and edited by Bethany Hildebrandt (@bethanyhildebrandtt)

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