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NEW EP: Iris Pope Unveils 'AWAKENING'

Iris Pope is an innovative, intuitive, and passionate singer-songwriter who weaves emotional landscapes through her music. With a career that began at the age of three when she built a stage from wooden blocks and found her voice through a makeshift microphone, Iris Pope’s lifelong passion for music has led her on a journey of resilience and creative expression.

Inspired by a diverse array of artists, including Florence + The Machine, The Cure, LCD Soundsystem, Mitski, Hozier, alt-J, PUP, and the Mountain Goats, Iris Pope’s creative process is driven by her innate ability to tell stories and evoke emotions through her music—lyricism is an integral part of her music, and it shows through in her upcoming debut release, Awakening - available to stream now.

What sets Iris apart as an artist to watch is her ability to infuse raw emotion into each note, creating melodies that resonate with her listeners on a profound level. Her songs delve deep into her thoughts, desires, and emotions, offering an evocative experience that leaves a lasting impact on those who immerse themselves in her art.

“I want to be remembered as someone who woke up and strove every day to be the best that they can be,” she says. “Someone who makes music that made people feel things, that made people who feel alone feel seen and heard.” - Iris Pope

Awakening begins with opening track "back to today" filled with funky beats, alluring vocals matched with captivating melodies. Traveling into "7 am" we're met with a soft acoustic track featuring powerhouse vocals and memorable lyrics. The track dives into emotional statements that will instantly be stuck in your head. "i like us better" is about letting your worst impulses take over, but in the comfort of someone you love. The song begins with calming melodies and soothing vocals as Iris embraces her relatable lyrics and hooks you in.

"jack's song" showcases the Americana-folk side of Iris with quiet fiddles, soft harmonicas and comforting vocals. The track embraces you with its warm welcome throughout its entirety and sends it home strong with captivating lyrics - "I will be right here." Closing out Awakening is previously released single "far from holy" which is about loving someone for being as destructive and awe inducing as they always are. Through vivacious melodies and heavy guitar riffs, "far from holy" perfectly ends the EP.


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