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New Music Monday

Hello! And welcome back to New Music Monday, here on A Way With Words. Last week, we did not have New Music Monday (but made an amazing playlist called Mental Health Check) but we’re back with some amazing tunes for this week. Not sure why we still call this New Music Monday since sometimes not all of these are new or new to us, sometimes it's just what we're diggin' lately... But you get the point.

The Modern World - Illumination World: This track was introduced by Cherri Cheetah (owner of Wild Honey Magazine) and screams progressive rock, blues, a soulful lead singer, and an iconic keyboard.

Click Click Domino - Ida Mae: Ida Mae is easily one of the purest and authentic duos of our time. Along with the dynamic duo’s old souls, it features another old soul, Marcus King (Marcus King Band) whose riffs really complete the song.

Love Story (Taylor’s Version) - Taylor Swift: Obviously this is not a new song nor did we just discover this song, but Taylor Swift re-recorded it and re-released it herself on Fearless (Taylor’s Version). This is the way this song was meant to be.

Wild - Ultra Q: Released from their debut EP, We’re Starting To Get Along in September 2019, this song has been a huge (but subtle) jam for a while. (All the love to Ultra Q)

Two Dark Hours - The Living Street: Duo from Pennsylvania with the best kind of slow jam. The type of song to hear in a coffee shop or while you chill at home.

I Feel Alive - TOPS: Another jam to hear in a coffee shop and to make you feel… Alive! (The video features white bunnies that look like mine)

Devil’s Kiss - Unknown Vandals: This is thee perfect Punk, New Wave (is that a thing), whatever you wanna call it, song. This is pure garage rock, to say the absolute least. But it’s amazing.

American River - Destroy Boys: Ending this fine New Music Monday with one of my favorites to see live, Destroy Boys. The opening track to the band’s sophomore album, Make Room absolutely dominates and shows why the band is called Destroy Boys.





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