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New Music Monday

#1 Broken Bells - Greta Van Fleet: There's so much to say about this song. When this song was released, I closed my eyes and visualized the song. Seeing a cold, dark world throughout the first verse. And then the chorus hit. "Though I believe the sun still shines and I believe there comes a time, when out of silence we will sing and even broken bells will ring, not all the answers are the same yet we still play the game". After that, the guitar solo hit. After having a mentally tough week, after having a crazy work week, after surviving yet another week of a pandemic, this was exactly what I needed. There's so much truth in this song, along with hope.

#2 Daydream Sanctuary - OFFWHITES: I was already hooked on the title. The band hyped it up to be "their best yet" and I might have to agree? The repetitive guitar riff that plays throughout the song is already enough to draw you in. And then the chorus hits, and you can't help but want to shout the lyrics! You may not even fully understand what you're singing about yet, because it's a brand new song that you've only listened to five times, as opposed to five-hundred times, but you'll get there. Overall, there's a sense of maturity with this track, it's like it's leveled-up from other three. For some reason, I'm not sure if it's the tone of the vocals or what, but it sounds more professional. And every time this band releases songs, they keep getting better and better.

#3 American Meme - Mini Mart: Mini Mart just dropped a new killer track, titled American Meme, that's all about exactly what you think - the American dream. It's about someone being at the perfect place in life, "the American dream", a member of the band thought he was "livin' the dream" when he had a nice studio, a fiance and a dog. He then began to start judging people who he thought weren't doing enough. He was very judgmental on the homeless community and others who were less fortunate. However, after being asked for a permit for his studio, he didn't have one. He was forced to live in his car. While he was doing his best to find a home, he was having trouble. He was denied by someone simply for being homeless. Homeless was not a choice, he realized. He also noted that he was being judged by someone the same way he judged others for being less fortunate. While living in his car, he learned a lot about himself and society. "No one is protected, no matter how hard you try or where you come from, everyone is vulnerable, hence the name American Meme." The art work for this single is incredible.

#4 George Harrison - William Hinson: I was just hangin' out on Instagram the other night and I got an ad for this musician named William Hinson. The ad was for a "George Harrison" music video, and what of course drew me in was not only the title of the song, but the ad featured literally four of William seen to be playing Bass Guitar, Guitar, Drums and Acoustic Guitar. His song "George Harrison"'s chorus goes, "I love it when you say George Harrison is better in comparison to all three minus Paul", which is exactly how I feel about The Beatles. Obviously he has a Beatles vibe to him and his music which is right up my alley since they're standard my favorite band.

#5 Time After Time - Sam Smith: Covering Cyndi Lauper's 1983 ballad, Sam Smith's vocals are absolutely STUNNING. If you know this song you already love it, but throw Sam Smith's voice on top of it and you have a true masterpiece.

#6 Raining For You - Ida Mae: Last, but never EVER least, we have Raining For You from Ida Mae. This song is truly, beautiful and the type of music i'm really starting to get into. The softer and low-sounding vibe of this song is the entire reason why I love music so much. It's raw. It's clear. It sounds like a song you would hear in a coffee shop, or you'd listen to walking home from a bad day, or even to help you start your day in a calm way (my personal fave). Although it's somewhat of a sad song, I find it so beautiful and calming.

Greta Van Fleet


Mini Mart

William Hinson

Sam Smith

Ida Mae

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