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New Music Monday

Last week was filled with finding new music and we’ve got lots to share! You can listen to our New Music Monday playlist here and it's updated every week.

Stardust Chords – Greta Van Fleet: This song is the one I’ve had in my head since The Battle At Garden's Gate dropped and while I was reviewing it, it wasn’t my favorite, but now I can’t stop listening to it. For me, there’s just something so compact into this song with the lyrics which is why I love it so much.

Glory – Days Notice: Four-piece Alternative Rock band from Surrey begins slow with Glory and already has kind of a low-fi vibe. Then just as you’re easing into the track, it picks up the perfect spot, swaying into the chorus and you feel like you’re at their concert. This is the first and only track I’ve listened to so far from Days Notice, but it for sure will not be the last one. Not a bad introduction.

All My Favorite Songs – Weezer: Oh, Weezer. You really either love or hate them, there’s never any in-between. This song has consistently been in my head the last couple of months and I never knew what it was until I asked my boyfriend and he told me it was Weezer’s new song. So here we are. The band has been through a ton of phases, everything from The Blue Album to OK Human, but I think this is a great track and they’re still doing great.

I Think I’m OKAY – Machine Gun Kelly, YungBlud & Travis Barker: Obviously this song isn’t new, nor is it new to me. I’ve just been meaning to talk about MGK, YungBlud, Travis (since he’s on every song ever) and I really can’t escape listening to MGK and YungBlud in my boyfriend’s car, so I just thought I’d add it to the playlist. If I had to pick one of their songs to listen to for the rest of my life, it’d be this one.

Road To Avalon – Ida Mae: This would have to be the most different song compared to everything else this week, but that’s what makes Ida Mae so unique, always. I just think they’re one of the most authentic artists of today and they are both so real with their music. Road To Avalon reminds me of traveling, whether it’s a road trip, a flight, traveling through different places, etc. It’s such a sweet song and I love when this duo shows their softer side and slows things down, it really shows Chris & Stephanie’s true colors and what they can do with their music.

Sun To Rise! – Ellington: Where do I even begin with Ellington? I have been watching this artist perform for the last eight years and he is finally doing something on his own, I couldn’t be more proud of him. The music in Sun To Rise! reminds me of how chaotic he seems to be, but he’s also very serious about his music and I must say, I am quite impressed with his solo career so far.

I Threw Glass At My Friend’s Eye (And Now I’m On Probation) – Destroy Boys: Not a new song, nor is it new to me, just adding it to the list because I absolutely love Destroy Boys and I really want to introduce them to people that don’t know them. I believe this was the first song I heard by the band and I was like damn okay. As time went on, I started listening to them more, seeing them in concert, watching this song specifically go viral on Tik Tok, just watching them grow in general. I’m so proud of them for all of their hard work and success so far, and I will continue to love watching them grow.

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