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New Music SUNDAY

So many amazing songs were brought to our attention in the last week and we even discovered some new artists. You can listen to all of these songs on our New Music Monday playlist.

#1 Trip The Light Fantastic - Greta Van Fleet: The song that lives up to its title, as stated, "Trip The Light Fantastic is about spiritualism on the highest level. It is a reminder that we are not bound to our Earthly beings." The main riff is enough to tie you in and is insanely cinematic. The lyrics that really engage me are "To ask the questions unknown is to respond" and "You are the land, the sea and the sky/The explanation why we are tied to all things as one".

#2 Find My Way - Paul McCartney: The hit single from McCartney III, Find My Way offers so much fun in one song. As seen in the music video, Paul is playing every single instrument as well as singing, of course proving he is truly one of the best actual musicians out there. The most fun lyrics seem to be "You never used to be afraid of days like these/But now you're overwhelmed with your anxities/Let me help you out, Let me be your guide/I can help you reach the love you feel inside".

#3 Colder & Closer - TOPS: TOPS is an artist we've discovered recently and we're really loving what we've heard from them so far. Colder & Closer is more of an eerie track from the group (as opposed to songs like I Feel Alive), the lyrics that pull me in most are "Searching constellations, seeing if the stars align/Sings are myths like nations/Shapes drawn over crooked lines".

#4 All Shook Up - Zach Person: Zach Person is currently producing the exact kind of Rock N Roll I've been looking for - Straight off of his self-titled debut album, All Shook Up is psychedelic. The main guitar riff makes you feel like he's right in front of you as you listen. The drumbeat is absolutely perfect. Having his own version of Elvis Presley's 1957 hit, Zach created his own soulful and American Indie Rock version, letting us know what the future has in store for him, and that he's only just begun.

#5 The One - The Lemon Twigs: My newest favorite discovery has been The Lemon Twigs. And with a song like The One, they completely pulled me in. And once I saw the music video, I was pulled in even more. This track sounds so much like 60s/70s softer rock, Folk rock even. It's so perfect lyrically and musically. The lyrics can automatically pull you in. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is soothing in some way or another. The music video really puts a visual to this song and I think The Twigs have a lot more in store and will be around for a long and good time.

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