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OFFWHITES: YOUR New Favorite Band

First of all, this introduction is wayyyy overdue on my part. However, I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I found these guys two and a half years ago under a different name, when they were a three-piece (opposed to their current four-piece) and before they were established into what they are now. When I first started this blog, "Heroes Of Charlotte" was who I wanted to talk about and wanted to do album/ep reviews of... But I never got around to it. This is where the "everything happens for a reason" comes in. I feel that I was destined to find this band when they were under a different name, making and playing different music. The music they had at that time was the music I was hyper-focused on. Pop-punk. Now here we are in 2021. A year into a pandemic that have changed our lives forever over the past year. And I'm finally doing it.

Four guys hailing from Downriver, Michigan; Brothers Mateo (20, Guitar & Vocals) and Pete Trevino (18, Drums) and best friends Ryan Marchena (20, Bass) and Alex Hickey (20, Vocals) better known as OFFWHITES, are on their way to become YOUR new favorite band.

Formerly known as “Heroes Of Charlotte” (minus Alex), these guys have been playing music together for so long already. On a personal level, I started listening to HOC in late 2018 and when I say the music that I heard changed my life, I truly mean that. I know those songs from back then are not what OFFWHITES is today, but I don’t think I would believe in them as much two and a half years later if they weren’t the real deal. There’s such a spark within them that makes them so unique from everyone else, especially people around their ages. They will not give up, I know they won’t. I have watched them (3/4 that is) go through things as a band in the last couple of years, and although things may be a little different now, they’re still here.

I got to have a great conversation with Mateo and he explained why the name changed. “We always kind of considered Heroes Of Charlotte to be our high school band. Once we all graduated and decided we wanted to keep making music, and we added a new member, we figured why not change the name.” He also explained that the music they wanted to start making wasn’t the same genre as Heroes was.

We Making Contact: In December 2020, the band released their debut single, “We Making Contact”, which is currently my favorite, out into the world. The song starts off with a simple, yet catchy and easy-to-move-to main guitar riff, instantly followed by the chorus which is also catchy. However, my favorite part of this song has to be that kick-ass first verse. The first time my ears were introduced to it, I was blown away. I wasn’t expecting it. It took me by complete storm. I don’t know all of the words to it yet, but I will soon. This song is definitely the one you wanna listen to first. It’s the perfect introduction to their music, which Mateo considers to be Alternative Pop/Rock.

Words by Mateo Trevino & Alex Hickey

So how did these guys get inspired to play music and start a band? Apparently, Guitar Hero was an inspiration that introduced them to a lot of good music, as well as movies School Of Rock and Airheads. Mateo and Pete always had a love for music since a young age and there was always music in their house while they were growing up. “Alex’s dad was in bands so he grew up around music as well. As for Ryan, he’s obviously been with us since the beginning of HOC and he loves it too.” Talking music genres, Mateo stated that the band doesn’t want to be labeled a Pop-Punk band like Heroes was. “We want to play music that appeals to kids nowadays. We incorporate rap, punk and a lot of other genres. It’s really fun for us to play and listen to.”

Locomotive: Locomotive was released just two weeks exactly after “We Making Contact” and was honestly one I overlooked right away in the beginning. It is starting to grow on me though. The more I listen, the more I like it. If I listen to it once or twice in a row, it gets stuck in my head. So obviously, I suppose it has potential.

Coming Down: This was the song. Thee song when I realized, “Okay they’re not kids anymore.” The whole vibe is kind of eerie especially with the way the guitar sounds, yet it works. Reading these lyrics without hearing them in the song was… Kind of amazing? For me, I just sing along to every song I like and never even think about the lyrics unless they’re pointed out to me. Basically, most of the time I don’t even know what songs are about, I just like to have fun during them. It’s kinda rough to decide if I like this one or We Making Contact more and I never thought about that until now. I’m not even able to explain why I like this song so much, there’s just a certain vibe to it that I’m really diggin’ for some reason. But the best thing is while Mateo’s singing the chorus that can get stuck in your head for days, Alex is telling the entire story of the song, just layin’ it all down on the table for all of us to understand so well and I think that’s the most beautiful thing. I don’t think I realized there was actually a real-life story going on in this song until I read the lyrics, word for word. But good music can do that for you all of the time. You could be singing about literally anything and having fun while doing so and you don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about.

Words by Mateo Trevino and Alex Hickey

Overall, I’ve already watched these guys grow and mature (musically) into amazing musicians and they’re just getting started. I see such a bright future for these young and beyond talented artists. I am so proud of them and I know they're reading this word for word so thank you to them aaaaanddddd i love you guys. Bye. Stream OFFWHITES!!!





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