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Packed My Bags - A Travel Playlist

I was definitely going to create a playlist on our Spotify, however I just figured I would pull the playlist from my personal Spotify. I'm about to hit Music City in a week doing what I do best - going to a concert and I always need the perfect jams to help me through going through the airport, traveling, standing in line, chillin' out, whatever and these are the songs that are going to help me survive my first post-pandemic trip! Welcome to Packed My Bags .

#1 My Way, Soon - Greta Van Fleet: This is the most perfect song for me to listen to while starting the journey. It's about traveling, packing your bags (where I got "packed my bags" from), it's about having the freedom to do what you want, it's about choosing to take risks and face challenges, and it's about the band seeing the world and seeing so many different people that come to their shows. It's the ultimate travel song for me.

#2 No Love In LA - Palaye Royale: This is one of the top songs for me at the moment and carries an exciting energy that's really motivating for me for reason. It pumps me up, puts me in a good mood, keeps my energy levels high and keeps me in a good state of mind. It's funny as hell and too true as well.

#3 Life In The Fast Lane - The Eagles: I've always thought of this song as a road trip song, or traveling song because of the name, but also the main guitar riff just reminds me of driving and traveling. It's essential because it keeps me in a good mood and moving.

#4 Island In The Sun - Weezer: I have known this song since I was probably five or six and it's always an essential travel song because it talks about being on an island in the sun, where your happy place is and it's a super chill song about traveling and being on vacation.

#5 Round Here - Florida Georgia Line: This hasn't ever been a travel song for me until now, but I think the reason I added it is because it's all about summer, havin' a good time, havin' a drink and just having fun. Those are of course the moods I want to be in while being on vacation.

#6 In The Sky - Heroes Of Charlotte: Since 2019, this has always been a travel song to me because of the song title, not necessarily what it's about. But I love listening to it on the plane because it gets me hyped for wherever I'm going and what I'm about to do.

#7 Dull Knives (Cut Better) - The Warning: This isn't a travel song for me, but I added it to this playlist because it's the first song I heard by The Warning and it's such a fast-paced song that it kinda keeps me awake and going.

#8 Age Of Man - Greta Van Fleet: Throwing in another GVF song because I had a personal experience with listening to this song on the plane. When I was flying out of Atlanta in May 2019 (which was the last time I saw GVF, here's the review) I was listening to Age Of Man and couldn't help cry tears of joy as I was so thankful for the experience I got to have.

#9 Greyhound - Calpurnia: This song has been my number one travel song since 2018 (when I started traveling for concerts) and it's always the best song to settle down to. On the way home, whether it's car or plane from anywhere, but especially a concert, it always has me in the right mood. Especially since it's about a concert. PCD (post concert depression) always hits me hard and it's the perfect cure.

#10 The End - The Beatles: I'm not really sure what this song is about, but the title is how I always like to end my trips. It's like a conclusion of everything I experienced in a trip - travel, concert, sight-seeing, coffee, no sleep, everything that makes up life. And it's The Beatles.

Here's the full playlist:

Here's my personal Spotify:

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