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Palaye Royale Drops TWO New Tracks

St. Louis Alternative Rock Station 1057 The Point and my favorite radio deejay (Lux) had the honor of premiering Palaye Royale's new track "No Love In LA" Thursday evening, being the first radio station in the world to let listeners hear new music from the band.

"No Love In LA" is one of two songs from Palaye Royale via Sumerian Records released Friday, July 9 and expresses what it's really like to live in LA and not fit in with all the the fame and fortune. Sure, they may have beautiful houses, breathtaking views and all that jazz, but their minds and hearts clearly don't give a shit about materials. The new track is that classic Palaye sound that fans are used to, yet it's level'd up, unique and better than ever. Highlighting the perfect lyrics - "The creeps are always posting their photos to show off what they're lacking inside" and "There's no such thing as love in LA, the plastic people ain't got nothing to say". This is easily my new favorite song because not only is Palaye Royale one of my favorite bands of modern day, but the lyrics could not be more true... And someone has to talk about it. I expect nothing less from this band. "No Love In LA" is perfect. And as strangely as it's not the most uplifting song, it sounds like summer in some way or another.

The other track Palaye was so kind to drop is "Punching Bag" , a song that features a chorus that goes like so - "Go on make my day, go get high on my mistakes, give me more complaints, I'm real, you're just a fake". The lyrics that speak to me most are - "If you want me, come and take me" - is that a stab at the industry, people in Remington's life, people in LA? Whatever our interpretations are, this song is already a banger and it's only the beginning for the new era.

Remington (27, vocals), Emerson (24, drums) and Sebastian (29) have officially said goodbye to "The Bastards" era, which was around for a good time, not a long time. In 2016, Palaye dropped their debut album, Boom Boom Room (Side A) that features hits such as Don't Feel Quite Right, Mr. Doctor Man, Ma Cherie and more. In 2018, the band followed up with a sophomore album, Boom Boom Room (Side B) which sent them to the top with hits such as You'll Be Fine, Dying In A Hot Tub and more. The band toured from 2015-2020, all the way up until they were overseas and had to rush to get home due to the world shutting down. The next era was The Bastards, that was released in 2020, in the middle of lockdown, featuring relatable hits such as Lonely, Tonight Is The Night I Die, Hang On To Yourself and tons more.

2021 is a spiritual awakening for Palaye Royale and The Royal Council. New music, concerts, merch, etc. We haven't seen them in so long. They haven't seen us in so long. In August, the band is set to hit the road in Europe, from February to April 2022 they'll be touring Europe with support from Badflower, and it even says in their Instagram bio "World Tour 2022. x". So we'll possibly see them around the states as well.

You can keep up with Palaye Royale on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can check out tour dates, new merch and more on the band's website.

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