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Review of Calpurnia's EP "Scout" (track by track):

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

No, this is not “Finn Wolfhard’s band”. That’s how many people describe it. “A band that has Finn Wolfhard in it” I think sounds better. Releasing music and an album for the first time in 2018, and with the release of a brand-new track on March 6th, 2019, Calpurnia is really taking off. These kids are so young and in the prime of their youth ages ranging from sixteen to eighteen. The band consists of bassist and keyboard player as well as vocals, seventeen-year-old, Jack Anderson, who loves Bullet for My Valentine, Korn, and using super-zoom on Instagram often for fun. Drummer Malcolm Craig aka “Pinky” in which the band calls him, is a sixteen-year-old who enjoys fish, the drums and playing in a band with a kid he met from the set of a “Pup” music video. The lead guitarist (and most badass) is Ayla Tesler-Mabe, who just recently turned eighteen is really where it’s at for Calpurnia. Into groovy music such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Steely Dan and other musicians, is most likely the one who keeps things in order, being the only woman in the band. She can sing, she can shred, she can make you fall in love with her adorable and child-like smile. And then, there’s the one everyone knows. What’s his name again? Noah Schnapp? Oh wait, wrong kid. Actor, musician, writer, producer, director, photographer, frog resembler, listens to good music, likes good movies, has a great fashion sense, plays video games a lot, is type casted as an 80s teenager, loves supporting small bands, Finn Wolfhard.

“Louie” is the first track on this six-song EP and is a song that I often wake up with in my head, for some reason.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“You see her drivin’ round town with her chip on her shoulder, well let’s see who’ll get the last laugh after I call her”

“When I’m gone, you’ll be there, when I’m gone, you’ll take care, when I’m gone, you’ll be older, when I’m gone there’ll be no one to hold her”

“And you never called, and I always bawled, your big chip on your shoulder, made me ten times bigger and bolder”

The first time I heard “Wasting Time”, I thought it was a bit weird. But now that I have been listening to this EP for almost a year, it makes more sense to me.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“My baby don’t laugh all she do is cry, when she gets home, all she wanna do is die”

“My baby don’t cry all she do is laugh, when she gets home, she takes a long bath”

We have approached not only my favorite song on this EP. Not only my personal favorite song by Calpurnia. This song is my second favorite song in the entire world from any decade ever. (Sleep in the Heat by Pup will always take the cake) “Greyhound”. This beautifully aesthetic song has so much meaning and the chill vibe of it is amazing. This song is the perfect track to listen to when you have post-concert depression, or when you’re going back home from being out of town after a concert. I will try my best NOT to post the entire lyrics of this song because all the lyrics are so special to me, but there are no promises. The way that at the end of this song, Jack plays the keyboard is so beautiful. And especially with the metronome ticking so that this song can go into the next song perfectly.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Going to Seattle on the greyhound I missed school for this, bought two tickets last September, before your harmless bliss.”

“I wish I could go home, forget this ever happened, I feel depressed out of whack and in my own world, sometimes I can’t feel a thing, I can barely feel a thing”

“Hats off to you for you to go, wish you were here but now it blows”

“It ruled your world you lost the battle, it broke my heart in half when I heard the bottles rattle”

“I know you wanted to be here but now you’re gone”

My absolute favorite lyric:

“I’ll be thinking of you when the lights come on”

(I didn’t write the ENTIRE lyrics, but some of these are my absolute favorite lyrics)

“City Boy” was the first original song that was released by Calpurnia. The song picks up from the last track “Greyhound” and is a very song to dance and jump around to in your room, at a concert, or scream it while you’re driving down the freeway.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“When you have an artistic view, it’ll rub off on your take, when you answer to a bunch of dudes, you should run away”

“I am a city boy, you are a city girl, you date the city tool, I am a city boy”


“Ba da da ba da da da da” – Jack Anderson

“Blame” is the song that I can visualize myself being on a train…. Probably because the beginning lyrics are “My girls on a train”.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“She left there torn, pierced like a thorn”

“I said that she’s cliché, she said what did you say? Of course, I said nothing, Go sew your old buttons”

“She’ll never be the same and I’m the one to blame”

“Waves” is such a special song. Our girl Ayla is the singer of this track. Her voice is so soft and smooth and fits the mood of the song so well. I can really visualize her, or anyone, walking along the beach singing the song.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“And I don’t know where we’re going, we can never change the wind’s blowing, I know I’d only be pretending if I would’ve said we were never ending, I wish I could say things had turned out this way”

“Dreaming of the time you made me feel like the world was mine, and now it doesn’t matter what you say without you the sky is always gray”


Since Calpurnia’s new single was just dropped, I decided it would only be right to review the track itself.

Now I only have listened to “Cell” possibly five times since it came out and have watched the music video for it once. (That’s actually an amateur level for me) It has a very 80s alternative rock sound to it. The guitar riff in it actually reminds me of the guitar riff in “A-Punk” by the band Vampire Weekend, which reminds me of an 80s alternative band, The Replacements. It’s very catchy and nothing Calpurnia has sounded like… Until now.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I’d love to see who called who bawled, don’t call it chastity believe me, believe me my voice went hoarse on me, we could talk and talk about the rhapsody”

*I am very excited to see what Calpurnia does and where they go musically. I am also super excited to hear that they will be releasing their debut album sometime this year. Once they release their full-length album, I will review and post it here! *

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