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Review Of Pup's Album "Morbid Stuff"

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

You may remember my review of Pup’s album, The Dream Is Over that I did last… February? Has it seriously been that long? I hadn’t even seen the band in concert yet, and now I’ve seen them twice!

Jumping right into it, any guesses what the first song is? It’s the title track, “Morbid Stuff”. I wasn’t fond of this song the first time I’d heard it for some reason. Possibly because they had released a single called “Kids”, which happens to be the next track so I was insanely excited to hear that. But the title track of this album may in fact be my favorite song from it. Why? Well, when I saw them the first time at Terminal 6 in Atlanta, I thought I would just stand back and watch as everyone moshed. But once I got into the venue and saw how close I had the opportunity to be, I just went for it. I was in the second row before the show started and during the first two opening bands, but somehow, before Pup even came out on stage, I was shoved into the front row against the stage. There was no barricade by the way. I had a taste of what I was in for. The band came out on stage and started playing this song. It was loud. Really loud. And I’d loved it. I hadn’t gotten to experience a Pup show, though I had been listening to the band for about two years at that point. The second time I got to see them at Delmar Hall in St. Louis, they opened with it again and this time, I knew all of the lyrics.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I was bored as fuck, sitting around and thinking all this morbid stuff”

“I was getting high in the van at St. Catherine’s, while you were rubbing elbows in the art scene”

“Mom and dad were smoking weed in the attic again”

Moving on to the song I just mentioned, “Kids” was my sisters first favorite song off this album. The first time we saw Pup, she mentioned she was having so much fun jumping around to it in the pit. (She wanted to leave the pit SO BAD during the opening bands since she was exhausted for the concert the previous night, but I wouldn’t let her. She’s glad someone stage dove and someone landed on her) This song reminds me of being a kid, being a teenager, not having a care in the world, not having to worry about anything. It’s nice. It’s almost like it’s the song you can listen to and feel like a kid again.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t care about nothing but you”

“Your little songs are getting way too literal, how bout some god damn subtlety for a change”

“I had it maxed out, I had a feeling, nothing is working, and everything’s bleeding”

“Free At Last”. It’s actually a funny story because I thought the lyrics to this chorus were “Just ‘cause you’re dying, it doesn’t mean you’re special at all”. Turns out they’re not, but I can totally see Pup having those lyrics. I remember specifically in ATL just going insane during this song, pounding my fists and hands on the stage making them hurt, jumping around and screaming the lyrics. (Thank god we didn’t have COVID back then)

Lyrics that hook me:

“Just ‘cause you’re sad again, it doesn’t mean you’re special at all” (APPARENTLY)

This one is my favorite. Probably more favorite than the title track. First of all, look at the title. “See You At Your Funeral” who wouldn’t wanna listen to a song with that title over and over again!? I was completely blown away by this song the first time I listened to it and still am. For a while, my sister had “hope you’re doing fine” in her bio on Instagram as an ode to this song. That’s how much we love it! I defintely have gone harder to this song more than any other on this album. You know? One person mosh pit in your room. Anyway, I’ll let the do lyrics do the talking.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I try vegan food! I take up meditation!”

“I hope you’re doing fine on your own”

“What you were thinking when you saw me in the produce section, buying organic food, making healthy selections”

“I hope somehow I never see you again, and if I do it’s at your funeral or better yet, I hope the world explodes, I hope that we all die”

So after that wonderfully pleasant song, we have a little song titled, “Scorpion Hill”. The first time I feel that I truly heard and experienced this song was at the Pup show in Atlanta. Starting off with a slow ballad almost, it’s the kind of song you and your buddies put your arms around each other and sway after you’ve put back ten beers each. That’s how the song starts. It picks up and has a catchy main guitar riff as it’s time to jump around to this sad tune.

Lyrics that hook me:

“Down and out I’ve been on the rocks”

“I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts, I like them a lot”

“And if I can’t support the two of us, how can I support a third?” – Too real.

That last track was so sad. ANYWAY, “Closure” is next and if I’m being honest, I haven’t really listened to this song that much and I believe they don’t play it live.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I need closure, I need closure”

“Bloody Mary, Kate and Ashley”. Mind you, this band’s original name was “Topanga”. Every time I hear this song, it makes me wanna go crazy. This is a song that has been said by the lead singer that every time they play it live, it’s a mess. The song, itself is a mess. The band itself, they’re a mess. But we love them anyway.

Lyrics that hook me:

“Are you real or fake? Am I alive am I awake?”

“Sibling Rivalry” aka my sister and I’s song! The crowd jumps throughout the entire show, but they really, really jump during this one. The drum beat. The harmonies. Everything about this song is so great, I mean look at the title.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I’m not trying to stick it to you, but I’ve been trying hard getting through to you”

“Holy shit! It’s coming down three feet of snow, the frozen ground” – These guys are from Toronto.

“Full Blown Meltdown”! The song you MUST listen to every time you’re pissed off. My sister says she listens to this song on repeat. I’ve seen Pup do it live. Stefan just walks around in circles on stage while yelling into the mic.

Lyrics that hook me:

“On the verge of poverty and a full blown meltdown”

“I’m still a loser and always will be”

“With one foot in the gutter and the other in the grave”

“And half the crap I say is just things I’ve stolen from the bathroom walls”

In a good way, “Bare Hands” reminds me of some songs off the first Pup album I have not yet reviewed titled, “Pup”. Just a good little throwback to that album. I like this song, but no lyrics hooked me.

The final track on this album that really closes it all, is “City”. Not to compare Pup albums yet again, but it does give me a “Pinepoint” vibe from their album, “The Dream Is Over”. It’s great to mosh to almost every track on every Pup album, but also having a break at the end is nice. The soft flow of the song, the softness of Stefan’s voice (didn’t know it was possible), it’s just really chill.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I’m weighed down in this city, it’s hard to live here”

“Your face was hidden behind the camera, I think I love you more than I’d admit”

This concludes my review of “Morbid Stuff” by Pup! Stay tuned for more album reviews. See you in the funny papers.

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