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REWIND: Returning To Greta Van Fleet's Cinematic LP 'THE BATTLE AT GARDEN'S GATE'

Greta Van Fleet posing with alcohol
Greta Van Fleet by Paige Sara

April 16, 2021 - The day the music was revived. The highly anticipated sophomore album from Greta Van Fleet - The Battle At Garden's Gate - featured four promotional singles and thirteen tracks overall. The album is a transcending journey through battles and life itself. TBAGG debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on Top Hard Rock Albums and Top Rock Albums charts within its first week.

The Battle At Garden's Gate eases you in with the sweet invitation that carries heaven-like melodies and features white aesthetic in the music video, "Heat Above." The opening track was the third promotional single that debuted in February 2021 and went on to peak at #3 on US Billboard's Mainstream Rock Charts. As the song symbolizes hope and embraces you with your journey to the garden's gate. Known as the band's fifth #1 hit, "My Way, Soon" was the breakout single from the album and serves as the ultimate fan anthem with an attitude of "choosing the road" - written by GVF, overtaken by The Peaceful Army. With the repetitive guitar riff, a heavy bass line and inspirational lyrics, the track's music video captured fans hearts to see behind the scenes footage of their favorite band. "Broken Bells" remains the fourth and final single from TBAGG that's still a power ballad. Loudwire defined the track "Their most epic yet." As the song remains on the slower side, Josh Kiszka's vocals and guitarist Jake Kiszka's vocals overtake the entire track.

The album-focus song that was released as a fifth single when the LP released "Built By Nations" quickly became an opener during the 2022 Dreams In Gold tour. It's the point in the album when things start to feel chaotic when blaring talk back sounds that give off siren sounds and rises into a catchy guitar riff. "Age Of Machine" released as the second single in December 2020 and features captivating lyrics, vivacious melodies, and ensacpulates what we all need to do - "unplug from the source." The song presents alternate universe sounds, emotionally raw verses, and a music video that ties everything together. As we head into an underrated fan favorite that has only been performed live once, "Tears Of Rain" serves as the turning point of the album. The ballad features cries of screeching vocals, beautiful piano sounds and calming acoustics.

One of the more mysterious tracks - "Stardust Chords" - carries the vibe an octave higher with electric organ sounds, enticing guitar riffs and illuminating vocals. "Light My Love" features alluring piano riffs, glamorized lyrics and represents equality. The track reached #3 on the Billboard US Hard Rock Charts, gained more popularity from Tik Tok, and is currently sitting at over 60 million streams on Spotify. In the middle of the Dreams In Gold tour in Summer 2022, Greta Van Fleet added rainbow lights towards the end of the track, representing every type of love that exists. "Caravel" offers melting guitar solos and a lower range for Josh, featuring captivating lyrics - "These are the times you'll remember well."

During "The Barbarians", we're thrown into a synthesizer keyboard in which Sam Kiszka is the master. Within the track, we're nearing gardens gate. Smack dab in the middle of the track, Josh screams "Are we prisoners or renegades?" From there, the track carries you as if you're transcending to a higher level. And that higher level transports you into "Trip The Light Fantastic". During the track that screams psychedelia, it's as if you're walking into a '70s nightclub. Toward the end of the track, it's as if the music soars and transmits you into the next track.

Greta Van Fleet
Greta Van Fleet by Alysse Gafjken

Closing out The Battle At Garden's Gate is "The Weight Of Dreams" - originally known as "Black Flag Exposition" during live shows. If you attended a Greta Van Fleet show during 2018-2019, you most likely heard it. The song is an eight-minute track (longer when performed live) where Jake serves as a rock n roll sherpa. Mastering guitar solos and creating a parallel universe throughout its entirety, the track is the perfect ending and feels like somewhat closure. When the track finally comes to a close, we're met with a soft, acoustic cliffhanger to let us know although this journey may be over, there's more to the story. It's not over yet...


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Good job, awesome article. I enjoy your writing style. Such a fire album!

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