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Single Review - Badflower's "Family"

After releasing the extreme wake up call titled "F*ck The World" (read our review), Badflower proved they keep shocking us and exciting us with real world problems and dramatic music.

Badflower just released a new single today called "Family", which is the first single to drop from their extremely anticipated forth-coming album, "This Is How The World Ends", due September 24.

The band begins their comeback with a super dramatic, yet so unique, vibe with "Family". The music in this song, swaying vibes, dark and mysterious, matches perfectly with the lyrics. Lyrically, this song is heart-aching. Badflower may be known for having deeper cuts that connect to real life problems, such as Daddy, Promise Me, Heroin, etc. from their debut album, Ok, I'm Sick (2019). Badflower continues to write about real life problems, connect with fans through music and produce relatable lyrics.

To go along with the song, the music video features frontman Josh Katz singing while home videos are playing in the background, as he reaches for the memories, making everything even more real. Videos always help me understand songs more, but this one fully sank in real quick. I feel like I dove into Josh's life, how he feels, or how other people feel, and I was almost in tears. Badflower is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique bands I've ever been so lucky to find.

You can follow Badflower on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can pre-save This Is How The World Ends here. You can check out tour dates, merch and more at

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